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The Outhouse Pirate Podcast Episode 3

While the Outhouse Podcast is on Hiatus, The Pirate Podcast invades the net!

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 130 (6/13/10)

Chew, Batman, Daytripper & more!

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 12

Either comics are getting better, or RU is getting better at not reading crap. Either way, two weeks in a row where RU liked all of his books to one degree or another.

Why I Love Comics - Eric Interviews Joe Eisma

We return with a new Why I Love Comics podcast!

In tonight's episode I catch...

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 11

In a week of surprises, RU talks comics while waiting for a drink.

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 128 (5/30/10)

Scalped, Secret Avengers, Chimichanga & more!

Why I Love Comics - Eric Interviews Mike Carey

Mike Carey writer of X-men Legacy and The Unwritten joins me for this episode as...

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 10

The most notable books from the past two weeks stuffed into 8 minutes.  Oh, and there is a really good chance that RU was drunk during the filming of this episode.

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 127 (5/23/10)

Atlas #1, The Anchor, Legion of Super-Heroes & more!

Cammys Comic Corner Episode 126 (5/16/10)

The Sword, Siege, The Flash & more!

Why I Love Comics - Eric Interviews Tyler James

Welcome to the new Why I Love Comics podcast!

Joining us for the first episode...

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 9

With a short stack this week, RU adds two trades into the mix

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 125 (5/9/10)

Hellboy In Mexico, iZombie, Brightest Day & more!