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Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 124 (5/2/10)

Green Hornet, Ultimate Avengers 2, Stumptown & more!

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 8

RU continues to upset fanboys by liking comic books...

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 123 (4/25/10)

Power Girl, Guardians of the Galaxy, Green Lantern & more!

Cammy's Comic Corner - KICK-ASS

Cammy reviews both the comic & movie.

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 7

Hating a book because its good!  Has RU finally joined the dark side of fanboydom?

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 122 (4/18/10)

The Flash, PunisherMAX, Fables & more!

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 6

Your widdle RuRu is back to talk about comics and liquor.

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 121 (4/11/10)

S.H.I.E.L.D., Turf, Deadpool Corps & more!

The Outhouse Podcast: Episode 25.2

Another episode of The Outhouse Podcast is ready for you to listen to!

Cammy's Comic-Con Corner - WonderCon 2010

Filmed by a live studio audience!

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 5

Who views?  RUviews!

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 4

With declining ratings, RU returns to brighten your day.

Why I Love Comics - The Audio Edition #29

We're back with our latest episode of the Why I Love Comics podcast but...

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 120 (3/28/10)

Nemesis, The Guild, Green Lantern & more!


Another episode of The Outhouse Podcast is ready for you to listen to!