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Outhouse Pirate Podcast 19 - Scott Snyder Interview

Interview with Scott Snyder! Writer of American Vampire, Iron Man Noir, and Detective Comics!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 141 (9/26/10)

The Flash, Nemesis, Fables & more!

RUviews - Season 3 Episode 2

Who's Drunk?  RU's Drunk!  For the second time in 3 seasons, RU does a drunk RUview

Why I Love Comics #10: Dan Milano

Welcome to episode #10 as I am joined by Voice actor, huge comic fan and...

the Outhouse Pirate Podcast #18

Big video game show for a Big video game week!

Cammy’s Comic Corner - Episode 139 (9/12/10)

Batgirl, American Vampire, Green Lantern & more!

Cammy's Comic-Con Corner 2010

Comic-Con 2010 with TONS of interviews!

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 135 (8/8/10)

Supergod, Brightest Day, S.H.I.E.L.D. & more!

Cammy's Comic Corner - Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim, one of the best comic series of our generation!

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 136 (8/15/10)

The Thanos Imperative, Batgirl, Morning Glories & more!

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 137 (8/22/10)

Chew, Secret Avengers, Air & more!

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 138 (8/29/10)

Guarding The Globe, Invincible, and Science Dog!

The Outhouse Pirate Podcast #17

Rosh Hashanah, 9/11, Ugly Covers, Characters We Stick With, and When to Drop a Book!

RUviews - Season 3 Episode 1

Due to depression and a need to find joy somewhere this crappy football Sunday, RU returns with a third season of RUviews.