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Why I Love Comics - Eric Interviews Fred Van Lente

Talking to Fred Van Lente !

Welcome to episode #5 where there would have been...

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 13

Back after three weeks RU does something he's never done before, talks about a book.  No, a real book, like with pages and no pictures.  I know, I didn't think he could read...

Cammy's Comic Corner - Book Of The Month - Irredeemable Vol. 1

The perfect selection for those who like a little creepy to go with their terrifying!

The Outhouse Pirate Podcast #6

Suicide Girls, BlueStreak's New Books, Botcon News, Chaos War, Turtles Forever, Cross Gen Retrospective, Video Games, Movies, and more! 

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 132 (6/27/10)

Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark, 28 Days Later, Amazing Spider-Man & more!

Why I Love Comics - Eric Interviews Mike Galusik

We return with a new Why I Love Comics podcast!

In this episode I am...

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 131 (6/21/10)

The Boys, The Walking Dead, Darkwing Duck & more!

The Outhouse Sunday Night Party Podcast!

A very special "Who's Your Daddy?" Father's Day Podcast!

The Outhouse Pirate Podcast #5

Special guest Co-Host BlueStreak talks Comics, Movies, and More!

the Outhouse Pirate Podcast #4

New Comic Book Day Morning Show! What's new on the shelf, E3, what's hot at the Outhouse, and more!

The Outhouse Pirate Podcast Episode 3

While the Outhouse Podcast is on Hiatus, The Pirate Podcast invades the net!

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 130 (6/13/10)

Chew, Batman, Daytripper & more!

RUviews - Season 2 Episode 12

Either comics are getting better, or RU is getting better at not reading crap. Either way, two weeks in a row where RU liked all of his books to one degree or another.

Why I Love Comics - Eric Interviews Joe Eisma

We return with a new Why I Love Comics podcast!

In tonight's episode I catch...