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Outhouse Pirate Podcast 19 - Scott Snyder Interview

Written by ProzacMan on Tuesday, September 28 2010 and posted in Podcasts

Interview with Scott Snyder! Writer of American Vampire, Iron Man Noir, and Detective Comics!


This week the Podcast is broken up into two downloads. Part one is Episode 19 part 1 the Outhouse Pirate Podcast Comic Book Pundits of Doom and part 2 is Episode 19 part 2 Interview with writer Scott Snyder!

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In this first half the correspondents and writing staff of (ProzacMan, GHERU, bkthomson, SuperginraiX, and sdsichero) talk about all the comic book news you can use and abuse. There has been a lot of restructuring announcements at DC Comics this week. DC shutting down Wildstorm. How it will effect the creator owned books like Astro City? Is Vertigo next? Is this all strictly DC's doing or are the higher ups at WB asking for restructuring? That leads to a discussion about Jim Lee, then roles into general discussion about late books. Next they talk about the controversial new direction for Thor and Avengers Prime. Then they talk about what is the best database software to keep track of your collection. The panel attempts to make a commitment to read and talk about more inde books, though some on the panel think that means reading Indiana Jones books. We also talk about the Pictures of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, Ironman 2 and Superman/Batman Apocalypse DVDs on sale this week, Super Hero Yamakas. Also, why the hell does GHERU have 12 sided dice when he doesn't play D&D?
In part two of the show Scott Snyder, writer of the award winning Voodoo Heart, American Vampire, Iron Man Noir, and the upcoming ark on Detective Comics gets on the line with the Outhouse pod cast for amazing interview! GHERU of RUviews takes over hosting duties and presents the Outhouse reader submitted questions to our guest of honor. Scott answers his fan's questions in great detail. From how he became a comic book writer, to what inspires his stories and how he goes about crafting them, to what it's like to working with guys like JOCK and Stephen King, to the new hardcover collection of American Vampire coming out this Wednesday, and many more. Before we knew it, it was 1am and the interview had gone on for an amazing 2 fun filled hours! The funniest part was that due to a miscommunication he thought he was talking to Ifanboy , so a special thanks to Ifanboy for giving Scott Snyder such a positive podcast experience on their show so that he wouldn't think twice at doing a two hours radio show for a web site called the Outhouse. That's  Wink

Listen to streaming audio of the interview here!


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Brian Osserman

Written or Contributed by: ProzacMan

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