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RUviews - Season 3 Episode 3

Written by Chip Chipeprson on Sunday, October 10 2010 and posted in Podcasts

In a week where comics batted .500, RU is here to separate the keepers from the trash bin

Amazing Spider-Man: Back In Quack #1, Deadpool MAX #1, Chaos War #1, CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2010, American Vampire #7, The Boys #47, Hack / Slash Omnibus vol. 1, and Essential Werewolf By Night vol. 1
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Amazing Spider-Man: Back In Quack #1 – when I first read about this book I was totally stoked because I love Howard the Duck comics, I've read the essential volume and I even liked the MAX book from 2002, and I'm willing to double dip of the Omnibus ever gets a second printing.  That being said, this book was utter garbage.  Rather than being a Spider-Man Howard story it was a poorly written ugly farce of a tribute to Steve Gerber.  If you haven't yet, don't buy this and wait for a good Howard book, or go back and read the older stuff.

Deadpool MAX #1 – I know I am biased, but damn was a good book.  Fun first issue, that stands alone, with great art by Kyle Baker and writing by David Lapham that almost makes up for his horrible contribution to Deadpool #1000.  Great fit fir the MAX line.

Chaos War #1 – I have been waiting for this story for months, and it almost lived up to my expectations.  I am not that big a fan of the art and I could have used a bit more reminder of what happened with the G-d Squad in Secret Invasion, but other than that, the story was excellent.  Hercules learning what his friends truly thought of him then having to convince them that he is serious was a well-written sequence.  Highly recommended buy.

CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2010 – I buy these every year, and ever year the stories suck...ok; I think that 2008 was a good year.  They are not funny or even slightly clever, and for the most part they are stupid violent and vulgar just to prove the "Free Speech" point that the CBLDF stands for.  I am more than willing to donate to spend $5 for the fund, but please give me a comic that is worth even half of that.

American Vampire #7 – VAMPIRES IN VEGAS!  What more do you want.  Oh, and we interviewed the author, Scott Snyder, for two hours a few weeks ago and a link can be found here or on the Ruviews facebook page.  If you want, just download the 2nd part of the podcast, that's when Mr. Snyder drops by.

The Boys #47 – Lots of exposition in this issue, and I liked it, but I am pissed off at Hughie.  I get why he did it, but I hoped against hope that he was as good of a guy that he wanted to be.  I think this is where the limited series starts.

Hack / Slash Omnibus vol. 1 – As fun of an idea of a Slasher Killer is, this book was way to boring and predictable.  At no point does it seem that any one we know is in any actual danger. I know that in other comics we know that the main characters will, usually, be safe, but in a horror book it feels out of place.  Maybe this is why I like horror anthologies more; you never know who may die.

Essential Werewolf By Night vol. 1 – I have a confession to make: It took me 5 years to read this book.  Not because it's bad, not because it's dated or slow, but because it was by my bed as the book I read when I didn't have a novel to read at night.  No exaggeration, 5 years, and in that time I grew to really appreciate what this comic was at the time it was published.  In the mid 1970's this had to be an edgy main stream book, and I wish Marvel and DC proper would take these kinds of risks again.  Not with MAX or Vertigo, and not confusing violet and grotesque with risky.  The art, the story, the setting, the innuendos, all of that is what made Werewolf By Night a great book and my only complaint is that there was no time spent when he was not at risk of becoming a werewolf.  What I mean is that every couple of issues we missed 3 weeks of Jack's life that is never referred to.
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Written or Contributed by: Chip Chipeprson

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