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Outhouse Podcast Interview With Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo

Written by ProzacMan aka Brian Osserman on Sunday, December 12 2010 and posted in Podcasts

Proof: Endangered will be on the shelves soon and the creators of the series drop by the Outhouse to tell us all about it!


The Outhouse Pirate Podcast
snagged another fantastic interview for your listening pleasure! Last Sunday BKThomson, ProzacMan, SuperginraiX, sdsichero, and Hunter got to talk with Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo. These fine gentlemen stayed on the show for the entire two hours. They gave us all the juice details about their up comic series Proof Endangered, talked about how they go about creating their works of art, how they got into the business, answered some questions their fans submitted to the show, and even got into some inter species mating discussions towards the end of the show when Hunter showed up.

Excerpt of Transcript from the pod cast

BKThomson: We have a very special guest here today on the pirate pod cast. Two people that have decided that Yes! The Pirate crew is worthy enough to talk to about their up coming book Proof: Endangered and their previous series Proof, I have with us Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo. Welcome Gentlemen to the Pirate Podcast!

This is exciting because I have been reading Proof since it was first solicited through Image Comics. I was with the series from issue one through twenty-eight and looking forward to the new series starting up in December. So for the people that aren't very familiar with (Proof) who may be listening or may be on line, or maybe in pod cast land, can you give up a little bit of background of Proof? Really kind of a summery of what Proof is, and what the new title Proof: Endanger is going to be about?

Alex Grecian: You want this one?

Riley Rossmo: Yea. No. Yea! Ok.

(every one laughs)

Riley Rossmo: I'll do my version than Alex can do his version. Mine is it's a Sasquatch, but it's like Tarzan Backwards. He's a Sasquatch raised by humans and he fights evil and stuff.

Alex Grecian: He fights evil (laughs)

Riley Rossmo: Ok, you say your version now.

Alex Grecian: No, I interrupted your version.

Riley Rossmo: My version's really short.

Alex Grecian: Oh it was short. It's about Bigfoot. He's been found by the government. It's been kept under wraps. But he's spent the last two hundred years looking for more Bigfoot or Bigfeet or what ever you want to call them. Sasquatches! The end of the first series he's discovered that there are more Sasquatches out there. So that's what sort of launched the start of Proof: Endangered.

Riley Rossmo: And not just Sasquatches, but His Sasquatches.

Alex Grecian: His Family!

Riley Rossmo: Like Long lost

Alex Grecian: He's been raised by humans, not by more creechers. Are we making this completely confusing?

BKThomson: No! No. Not at all. Tell us what you'd like to tell us. Believe me. I got questions here for you and we'll try to expand on it.

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Written or Contributed by: ProzacMan aka Brian Osserman

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