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Why I Love Comics #100!!! With Pat Loika and Dana Braziel!

Written by Eric Ratcliffe on Thursday, August 30 2012 and posted in Podcasts

On this episode of the podcast, we celebrate our 100th episode in style! (By we, I of course mean me.) I'm joined by my friend Pat Loika  as we talk all things podcast, he turns the tables on me and interviews me on my own show a little and we cover a lot of ground from some of our favorite guests to booking to many more things. It's not only a look behind the curtain but also a flat out fun conversation!

In the second part of the podcast, I'm joined by Co-writer of Adventures of a Comic Con Girl Dana Braziel as we talk about the creation of the series, working with a co-writer, why they chose to kickstart the project, attending some of the cooler conventions and so much more!

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Originally Published at Why I Love Comics http://lovecomics.libsyn.com/why-i-love-comics-100-with-pat-loika-and-dana-braziel

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