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Comics History Podcast joins Patreon (so you can give them money)

Written by Nicholas Prom on Sunday, August 07 2016 and posted in Podcasts

Comics History Podcast joins Patreon (so you can give them money)

Pretty ok podcast jumps on the Patreon bandwagon for entirely not-unscrupulous reasons. (well, maybe)

Source: Patreon

Comic Reflections--the podcast of classic comics--has partnered with renowned crowdfunding website, Patreon, to make it easier for the teeming masses that make up it's rabid fan-base to fork over their hard-earned dough, and feel less guilty about the hours of entertainment they have been given for free. Besides the regular and prolific content devoted to Silver and Bronze Age Comic Books, Comic Reflections have recently unveiled a Game of Thrones fancast, the very maturely titled "More Like 'Game of Bones'." ALSO, announcing right now, we will debut ANOTHER new show very soon: 'Apocalypse Cacao!' a weekly show dedicated to B-Movies, Grindhouse, Exploitation, and various other subgenre of psychotronic cinema. You'll dig it. Subscribe to 'Comic Reflections' on either iTunes or Stitcher radio to get all of these fine programs on your mobile device. And be sure to visit:


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