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the Outhouse Pirate Podcast #59

Written by BKThomson aka Brad Thomson on Wednesday, June 29 2011 and posted in Podcasts

It's the fight of the century Power Rangers vs. the Fifth Element with Ultimate Spider-Man's life in the balance.  Who wins?  Who dies?  These questions are answered in the latest episode of the Pirate Podcast.

Fight of the Century was the promotional nickname given to the first boxing match between champion Joe Frazier and challenger Muhammad Ali held on March 8, 1971, at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.  For a new century the Pirate Podcast crew brings you the fight no one thought could be discussed. Power Rangers vs. the Fifth Element!


First let's check in on the Green Lantern feature film Week Two box office.  The Warner Brothers / DC Entertainment movie came in at #3 taking in $18M, a drop of 66% from last week opening.


Ouch!  Image above shows Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) after he had been ran over by Cars 2 Lightning McQueen driven by Bad Teacher Cameron Diaz.

What a Sunday night for the Pirate Podcast crew.  Captain Prozacman was off for the night which left First Officer BKThomson in charge.   After dispelling the rumors and accusations that the disappearance of the Captain was due to a coup by the First Office everyone was ready to discuss the latest comic book news.

First up, hear that Spider-Man died?  No not that Spider-Man, the other one, the Ultimate Spider-Man.  It was in USAToday paper, covered on CNN television it was all over. Ultimate Spider-Man is dead.  Dead as Uncle Ben.  Dead as long as Bendis can write a story or two about the death so the character can be brought back at a later time to coincide with the new Amazing Spider-Man feature film coming next year.   The crew discussed the impact of Ultimate Spider-Man's death to the Ultimate Universe and does it really matter.

Mark Millar bids a farewell, not sure if it was fond or not, to Marvel Comics and he goes off to Kick Ass in green pastures focusing on his creator owned projects.  The crew dissects Millar's last words to the big two and look back at his impact for Marvel Comics.  Also a retrospect on other creators who left corporate comics to branch out on their own, taking at look who succeeded, who failed and where are they now.

Can you do comic book age math?  SilverPhoenix and SuperginraiX explain the age of comics throughout the years.    Well, they try to, we can give them credit for that.

And what would be a Pirate Podcast without New DC Universe News!  This time the crew looked at DC Comics VP Dan Didio comments about lower selling books could be canceled after just six issues?  Is that good, bad or just plain nutty?  Also, Jim Lee as released a new image for his upcoming Justice League book he is doing with Geoff Johns.  How do the costumes looks, who are the other possible members of the Justice League hinted in the image, and why does cyborg look like Iron Man?

Dragavon breaks down the very first season of the Power Rangers now all seasons available for streaming on Netflix.  Which results in a throw down why the Power Rangers were not as good a the Fifth Element.  Who took the punches and who was left on the mat?

All of this plus Powers / 100 Bullets TV news and more on Episode #59 of the Outhouse Pirate Podcast so go give it a listen.

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Written or Contributed by: BKThomson aka Brad Thomson

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