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Why I Love Comics - Episode #44

Written by Eric Ratcliffe on Sunday, July 31 2011 and posted in Podcasts

In this episode of the podcast, Eric and Andre talk all things San Diego Comic-Con, go off on a good rant about our thoughts on Captain America and even talk about some cosplay from SDCC. It's all here to tantalize your listening holes. So pull up a chair, blast your speakers or just plug your ears buds in for another episode of the Why I Love Comics podcast!

On this week's episode:

Your extremely hyper host Eric Ratcliffe!
Our DC comics expert Andre Beshta!

Why I Love Comics - Episode #44 Things discussed this episode:

Darabont stepping down as Walking Dead showrunner

Andrew Garfield showing up in costume to his panel at Comic-Con

Knights of Baddassdome

Entourage premiere

Avengers poster

Captain America/Avengers trailer

Grant Morrison documentary available on Hulu

The Flaming C coming to the big screen?

Jurassic Park 4 happening?

Ryan Choi is the Atom in Justice League

Defenders by Fraction/Dodson

Fables spin off/Telltale games

Cable Reborn 

BKV finally returns to comics with a creator-owned book

Relaunch protest shows just how much of a minority the internet is

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