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RUs Reviews #4 - for the week of 10/07/09

Written by GHERU on Tuesday, October 13 2009 and posted in Podcasts
Even more weeks late and still with a noisy computer, RU attempts to brighten your life with his sharp wit, soft voice, and perfect comic book sense. Haunt #1, Batman Annual #27, The List - Secret Warriors, Amazing Spider-Man #608, Astonishing X-Men #31, Cable #19, Deadpool #16, Daredevil #501, Crossed #7, House of Mystery #18, Buffy, #29, Fallen Angel: Reborn #4, The Boys #35, and Planetary #27

below the video for those of you at work will be a text summary of the reviews (as if you really care that much). You'll miss in depth analysis and my sweet voice, but you will get the general idea.

Haunt #1 - this book has potential but I’ll wait to check out the rest until Todd loses interest, cause he really annoys me
Batman Annual #27 - Azrael is back...thats nifty
The List - Secret Warriors - This issue takes place after the events of #9 on sale two fucking weeks after this special came out! What the FUCK! other than that, Areis > you.
Amazing Spider-Man #608 - so, I went and wikk’d the Clone Saga..this book still made very little sense. That being said, Kaine looks like a bad ass.
Astonishing X-Men #31 - A really fun stand alone issue with a last page (or couple of pages) that lead nicely into 2011’s issue #32. The problem with this book is that after reading #31 I realized that I totally forgot what happened in #30, and had to go re-read it since no one in the new issue was talking about Forge..I forgot the fucking killed him! RU not happy. The art is much better now that Jimenez is on the book - Simone Bianche sucks. All his faces look like some one got ran over by a steam roller. Oh, and weren’t issues 25 - 31 just the end of Planetary in the X books?
Cable #19 - as cool as #18 was, this one was boring. RU is done with the Hope / Bishop story.
Deadpool #16 - funny. This book with the pancakes and the Deadpool logic = WIN
Daredevil #501 - good first ‘official’ Diggle Daredevil book. Good art, good story, I the only one totally sick of Foggy Nelson?
Crossed #7 - read this in trade if you like zombies and hate people
House of Mystery #18 - the problem with DCBS is that once you drop a book you still get some issues.
Buffy #29 - as Benderbrau pointed out last month, the art is sucky and will probably stay that way. I like this series, but the ‘retreat’ story-line needs to end.
Fallen Angel: Reborn #4 - if you like PAD and / or Angel season five, read this book (at least the first 4 issues)
The Boys #35 - read this book already. FINALLY! Mother’s Milk’s origin, RU can’t wait.
Planetary #27 - Depending on the time remaining...this comic was fucking great. I know it was great because I want more! I do not want this to be the last issue. That being said, this book was more of what is wrong with comics than Giant Sized Old Man Logan was. Issue #1 of Planetary came out in 1999. Do the math, that is 10 years for 27 books, 10 YEARS! Try handing off issues to your friends saying “this is what comics can be, of course you can read my next issue...what, if you like that one you’ll buy them monthly...sweet.” TEN YEARS!! Issue #26 came out a year ago. At least is was only $4 and actually had extra pages compared to previous issues unlike GSOML, but still. 10 years for 27 books? And the Absolutes have to be in two volumes? RU calls bullshit. Yes this is a great series, no it is not a ten years for 27 issues great of a series.

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