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RUViews Week 5: 10/14/09

Written by GHERU on Friday, October 23 2009 and posted in Podcasts

Yet again, RU is here to solve all your comic book needs, whether you people watch his vids or not. SPOILERS!!!!

Detective Comics Annual #11, Batman #691, Green Lantern Corps #41, X-Men Forever #9, Incredible Hercules #136, Uncanny X-Men #516, Angel: Only Human 3 of 4, House of Mystery Annual #1, Fables #89, DMZ # 46, Deadpool #900, and The Stuff of Legend #1 of 2

below the video for those of you at work will be a text summary of the reviews (as if you really care that much). You'll miss in depth analysis and my sweet voice, but you will get the general idea.



Detective Comics Annual #11 – Continuation of Batman Annual #27 where we see the return of Azrael - who really cares?

Batman #691 – This issue does a very nice job of separating Grayson from Wayne.  Not only does it convince Dick that he needs to stop being Bruce's Batman, but it helped to convince, at lest this reader, that Dick is not Bruce.

Green Lantern Corps #41 – Blackest Night issue – Sinestro’s and his daughter kick Black Lantern ass then some Black Lantern babies come and confuse every one. Soranik Natu saves her man Kyle for one of his dozens of dead girl friends, I do not know if this was the fridge one.

X-Men Forever #9 – Either you like this book or you don’t.  All I am going to say about this issue is that Daisy Dugan looks like a Frank Miller creation.

Incredible Hercules #136 – Kid Zeus RULES!!!  This book was great, Thor trying to avoid explaining sex to Kid Zeus was hilarious.

Uncanny X-Men #516 – Hey, Magneto is back, nifty.  I thought that I wouldn’t care at all, but this issue (except for Land’s ‘art’) was very good.  My only real concern is how long can Scott say that the island poses no thread and still allow Mags to stay there.

Angel: Only Human 3 of 4 – fuck this book

House of Mystery Annual #1 – Great issue, and makes me glad that this is my last House of Mystery book.  At least it was a good book.  If you want to try out House of Mystery, pick up this book.  All the side stories that tie into other Vertigo books not only use those book’s current writers but also, as far as I can tell, are honest representations of where those books currently are story wise.

Fables #89 – Bufkin the Monkey will destroy you!

DMZ # 46 – Its DMZ, don’t read this book at your own peril.

Deadpool #900 – Possibly the most important book of all time!  104 pages – at least 80 of those pages are new stories – all for $4.99.  And the book was on time.  Old Man Logan, 4 months late, kicked out of the numbering system, no extra pages and a cover gallery of images we already owned…$4.99.  Fuck you Marvel.  Jason Aaron, Charlie Huston, Joe Kelly, Kyle Baker, and Rob Liefeld all join forces to give us the mother of all Deadpool anniversary books.  On their own, each story is better than one might think it is on first read.  Of course the Joe Kelly / Rob Liefeld story is getting the most praise, and it was very funny, but personally Charlie Huston / Kyle Baker’s “One Down” story and Mike Benson / Damion Scott’s “Shrunken Master” hold up better in the long run.  No matter who you are there is something for you in this book, Deadpool vs. Doc Oct in a Ping Pong match, A dated and incorrect cast parody of CSI, and mimes are all waiting for you in Deadpool #900.

The Stuff of Legend #1 of 2 – this might just be the best new book that I have tried in years.  Mike Raicht, Brian Smith, and Charles Paul Wilson III create a world where I was instantly sucked into the story.  Basically, the Boogey Man kidnaps a little boy and it is up to his puppy and his toys to go into the Dark and save him.  Led by an army man, a piggy bank, Duck, Stuffed Bear, and others go to fight the armies of the Boogey Man.  Issue #2 of this series comes out this Wednesday, and I hope that you can find #1 (mine’s a 2nd print).  Honestly, even if you do not like the story, the art is worth the price of admission.  Buy This Book..


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