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RUviews #12 - for the week of 12/23/09 (ish)

Written by GHERU on Monday, January 04 2010 and posted in Podcasts
Happy New Year! Green Lantern #49, Captain America Who Will Wield The Shield?, New Mutants #8, X-Men Legacy #231, Thor #605, Uncanny X-Men #519, Incredible Hercules #139, Hellboy: The Bride of Hell, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow One Shot, Daytripper #1, Chimichanga #1, Chew #6 and 7, Northlanders #23, Powers #2, and Irredeemable Vol 02

as usual, text RUViews are below the video:

Green Lantern #49 – Very cool insights into John Stewart

Captain America Who Will Wield The Shield? – Marvel screwed the pooch big time on the release of this book, the Rebirth Series, and the continuity issues surrounding the end of Siege (this, The List, the Annuals, etc). That being said, this was a pretty good book with some great fight sequences and a decent story. If you care, I have a feeling that what the President meant at the end of the book was that Cap will be running SHIELD / Hammer eventually.

New Mutants #8 – great book until the last page. Doug’s “You are my language” line ruined a fine resurrection story. The cool thing is though, and this maybe only because of Warlock, it does seem that Selene is brining the dead back to life, and NOT creating zombies. Basically, depending on how Necrosha ends, all the Mutants that died on Genosha maybe back.

X-Men Legacy #231 – even f you are not into Necrosha, read this issue. Pretty cool reveal at the end and it makes this book only tangentially related to Necrosha.

Thor #605 – Don’t fuck with Doom!

Uncanny X-Men #519 – bad art, lame Scott vs. Void story. Nice character development with Beast and a potentially badass alliance building with Magneto and Namor.

Incredible Hercules #139 – Damn good book, and if you are not reading this you are missing out on what comics should be – FUN! On thing though about the back up story, Marvel, please stop trying to get me interested in the Agents of Atlas, nothing you have done so far has worked and now it just comes off as desperate.

Hellboy: The Bride of Hell – I am really digging the Dark Horse one-shots and this was a good story with pretty good art (I did not like the way Corben drew faces).

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Willow One Shot – Better art than the main book has had in a while, but I can’t really judge the story itself unless it matters in the Buffy book. Good filler, but I am curious if it actually matters.

Daytripper #1 – Wasn’t planning on picking this up but I am glad I did. Nice art, great story. Not sure if I’ll do this monthly or not, but I will most sure idly get the trade when it comes out.

Chimichanga #1 – I really do not like Eric Powell. It seems he does “interesting” things for the sake of it and not to move a story forward. I keep trying his stuff and I always end up wondering why. If you like Powell, you will really like this book, its as if the guy that did Twin Peaks wrote a comic, gave it to Powell, who used that script to smoke LSD laced smack then he wrote a comic book.

Chew #6 and 7 – If you missed my holiday special, I reviewed the first trade of this series, I loved it so much I switched to monthlies. BUY THIS BOOK. Original, fun, well priced, everything the internet tells me they want in a comic book.

Northlanders #23 – this maybe the best arc yet. If you don’t read Northlanders get “The Plague Wife” when it’s collected.

Powers #2 – Its Powers therefore it is good. Best letters column ever

Irredeemable Vol 02 – Vol 1 was great but man did this bore the piss out of me. Some nice twists with Cary’s powers and the plague, but nothing really all that interesting. I do not see how this can me an on going and I may not be picking up the third trade.

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