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RUviews: Season 2, Episode 1

Written by GHERU on Sunday, March 07 2010 and posted in Podcasts
After a long break RU is back with what he is gonna call Season 2 of RUviews! First Wave #1, Prelude To Deadpool Corps #1, Deadpool Team-Up #895, Realm Of Kings Son Of Hulk #2, Amazing Spider-Man #623, Invincible Iron Man #24, Fall Of Hulks Savage She-Hulks #1, N. #1, Weekly World News #2, Green Hornet #1, Boys #40, Buffy The Vampire Slayer #33, Cinderella From Fabletown With Love #5, Astro City The Dark Age Book Four #2, Chew #9, And Crossed #9

as usual, text RUViews are below the video

First Wave #1 – this was awful.  I had no idea what was going on in this entire book.  Maybe it’s just me, but neither Doc Savage or The Spirit are main stream enough that they can be used to introduce a new “pulp” universe” without some sort of introduction.  The art was very good, but nothing in the book’s story makes me want to put down $20 more to find out what that was all about.

Prelude To Deadpool Corps #1 – this book was so exactly what I wanted it to be. Excess violence, over the top dialogue, and Lifeld art that did not make me want to scratch out my eyes.  If you don’t read Merc With a Mouth (and don’t it’s a horrid book) anything you need to know is explained for you rather well.  And, before I get letters bitching about Deadpool vs. Captain America (1) different universe and (2) way back in Joe Kelly’s run, issue #25, it was established that DP could do things that Cap couldn’t…so shut up, it’s a comic book

Deadpool Team-Up #895 – this on the other hand was not a good DP book.  So far is the worst of the “Team-Up” series.  Maybe its because I have no idea what a Living Colossus is, but the entire time I was reading this comic I was trying to find out why I cared.

Realm Of Kings Son Of Hulk #2 (Of 4) – After issue 1, I have to as myself, why the hell did I buy this comic book.  If you have more self control than I do, please ignore this series.

Amazing Spider-Man #623 – I hate, I repeat HATE, the art in this comic book.  It actually makes me hate the story more than I think I should.  All I can recall form this comic is that the art sucks balls and the new Vulture is creepy.

Invincible Iron Man #24 – any one who has ever talked to me about comics knows that I hate Iron Man, but in order to better round myself and give the character a shot I have been going back and getting all of this series issues that I could (so far 19 out of the 25).  I still think of this book as one big bag of ‘meh’, but the ‘reveal of this issue made those other 18 books totally worth it.  I am not saying that I will keep reading Iron Man after Siege, but DAMN!

Fall Of Hulks Savage She-Hulks #1 – Hey, Jeff Parker, how do you take a character seemingly as lame as a new she-hulk, a character whose back-up stories in other comic books I skipped and make her this cool and yet continue to fuck up the Thunderbolts!?!?!?!

N. #1 – I was going to wait for trade on this series until I realized that would probably cost me an arm and a leg (se soon to be taped RUview trade special).  I am glad I didn’t.  I did not experience the pod cast (or whatever) original version of this story, but Maleev’s art + Guggenheim’s adaptation make this one of the creepiest comics I have read in a long time.  Highly recommended

Weekly World News #2 – not as much fun as #1.  Issue 3 will dictate if I keep or drop this.

Green Hornet #1 – THIS WAS AWESOME!! And I cannot wait for issue 2.  I just hope that I am wrong and Dynamite is not going to totally over saturate the market with $4 Green Hornet books thus alienating collectors.  From the story to the art, this was a grade A comic book.  Here’s hoping that it comes out on time.

Boys #40 – Wow, I would not want to be Hughie right now

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #33 – sigh, why do I keep doing this to myself?

Cinderella From Fabletown With Love #5 – there really needs to be a Cinderella limited series once every year or two.  This has been a blast.

Astro City The Dark Age Book Four #2 – I am going to finish out this series, but then I am going to have to take a new look at Astro City.  Not only is the publishing sporadic, but also the stories have gone down hill quite a bit.

Chew #9– I cannot praise this book enough, SO much fun.  If you are looking for something completely different, pick up Chew.

Crossed #9 – Finally, its over, now I can go back to my peaceful Zombie book, The Walking Dead.

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