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RUviews - Season 2 Episode 4

Written by GHERU on Tuesday, March 30 2010 and posted in Podcasts
With declining ratings, RU returns to brighten your day.
Green Lantern #52, Nation X #4, Prelude To Deadpool Corps #4, Uncanny X-Men #522, Secret Warriors #14, Thor #608, Deadpool #21, New Avengers #63, X-Factor #203, Nova #35, Guardians Of The Galaxy #24, and Dark Avengers #15

as usual, text RUViews are below (note - this week there are more text RUviews than in the vid because I knew I would run out of time)

Green Lantern #52 – Is just me or has this event been going on way to long?  Maybe, its because Blackest Night became too big, encompassing all of the DCU, or it seems repetitive, but I am bored with Blackest Night.  I like the White Lantern ‘twist’ that is Sinestro, but the fact that this issue basically read the same as that GLC book where Kyle died just highlights the fact that this story was not planned to be this big.

Nation X #4 – I picked this up because it had Doop on the cover, and man, am I glad I skipped this mini.  Even the Doop story wasn’t enough to make me happy I paid for this comic book.

Prelude To Deadpool Corps #4 – This continues to be a fun series and it amazes me that it is written by the same guy that writes the crapfest that is Merc With A Mouth (which is ending with number 13 by the way).

Uncanny X-Men #522 – ok, ok, ok, this comic book officially sucks now.  I have survived so many shitty runs on uncanny (Austen anyone) that I thought I could handle anything, but from Lands porn faces to Fraction’s overrated story telling abilities I am sick of the current team on Uncanny.  There were some highlights (the vegetable line and Reed Richards scolding the X-men) but on the whole the main story of this issue was one big midichlorian bag of bullshit.

Secret Warriors #14 – I have officially stopped trying to understand the love this book gets from fans.  I am glad that so many of you love this comic but it is dropped from my pull list.

Thor #608 – A fun read that ties really well into embeded.  Worth it just to hear Volstag chide Clhor for making him run.

Deadpool #21 – I don’t care what any one says; I like what Way is doing with Deadpool.  This issue ended the Hitmonkey (hah) storyline with a good look into Spider-Man’s hero psyche and a better understanding of what Wade is looking for, and why he, probably, won’t succeed.

X-Factor #203 – Peter David is able to write in a Marco Polo joke into this book, that’s awesome.  BTW, I have no idea who that guy is at the end of the book.  Instead of shocking me, the reveal only confused me.

*I am highlighting some books from last week that I did not RUview but need attention because these three issues especially are why I love comic books.  Last week, March 17th, might just have been the best week of comics of 2010 so far.*

Nova #35 – Although I have a complete run of the original New Warriors book I never really understood the appeal of the Sphinx as a villain, and even through these recent issues the highlight, for me, was the respect shown to Nova by Reed Richards and the growth of Darkhawk as a character.  But then we come to the end of this issue, and with Richard going back to Earth in the next issue, I am ecstatic to see where this is going.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #24 – If you even try and tell me that you predicted what was inside the cocoon I am calling you a liar.  From the return of Kosmo, to Rocket Raccoon’s unbelievably big gun, to Groot taking his seat on the Council, to the very last page this issue of GoG is what cosmic comics should be.  I was actually upset that the book was over and I could not read next month’s yet, and that is the mark of a great comic book.

Dark Avengers #15 - A year and a half ago I never would have predicted this book would be as great at is has been, and post Siege I am sad to see it go.  Issue 15 is a perfect example of how well Bendis can write these villains, and makes a great prelude to what is going on in Siege.  Perfect tension between Bullseye and The Sentry’s wife culminating in an act both predicable and surprising.  If you have not been reading Dark Avengers because it’s cool to hate Bendis, then you have been missing out.

Next week will be answering some of the "Ask RU" questions, and there is still time to submit one.

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