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Who Would You Pledge?: Wytches #1

Will Scott Snyder's newest series cast a spell on its readers?

Review: Copperhead #2

Space-Western-Murder-Mystery. Read it.

Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1

A review of the new horror series by Archie Comics.

Punks: The Comic #1 Now With More Bounce Per Ounce

Fialkov and Chamberlain's crude and clever commentary is back.

Comic Book Facelift: Masterplasty One Shot

James Harvey delivers an unconventional horror book where the monster is societal pressure to look gorgeous!!!

GattaGaga: Pop #2

Coop and Elle go on the run and do drugs and go on the run some more.

The Lady From Roche Limit: Roche Limit #1

A new series about murder and mystery in space is here to stick it to your preconceived notions.

Behind the Crescent Moon #1

Your Outhouse weekly review Roundup... this week we look back to the reviews starting on Sept 24, 2014...

All is Fair in Love and Food: Food Wars Vol. 2 Review

Iron Chef meets Iron Shirt, Kung Pao meets Kung Fu, and whatever other food/combat puns you can think of.

The Manhattan Projects - Holy Crap my Brain... (Review)

Jonathon Hickman and Nick Pitarra recreate the story of the atomic era... and somehow manage to make it way scarier. And perverted? With a hint of cannibalism! And Xenophobia!?

Fiction Squad is a storybook procedural

Fan funded, Fablewood continues in this story about the gumshoe who finds out who scrambled the egg.

A revolutionary and beautiful comic - Storyteller: Witches No. 1

Stunningly gorgeous, the first issue of the new Single Issue version of the comic line bearing Jim Henson's name is one of the best comics of the year.