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Review Group Week 280 - All-Nighter #1

It's a non-Big Two book this week, will those hipsters in the Review Group lap it up?


Review Group Week 279 - Northlanders #41

The RG gets a little bit of Vertigo this week, with a standalone issue of Viking fun in Northlanders #41. Surely they won't be so negative this week?

Review Group Week 278 - Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #1

It's Aquaman this week, but it aint your daddy's Aquaman! OUTRAGEOUS!

Review Group Week 277 - SHIELD #1

SHIELD has always been a controversial book for the Review Group, how does the latest issue fare?

Review Group Week 276 - Nick Spencer Double-Team

It's a special week! Nick Spencer is the next big thing in comics, so we celebrate his meteoric rise with 2 of his comics!

Review Group Week 275 - Hawkeye: Blindspot #4

This time out it's Hawkeye, firing his arrows and shagging other people's wives. 

Review Group Week 274 - Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt

This week the RG takes on an event tie-in, uh oh.


Review Group Week 273 - Avengers Academy #13

This week we've got mopey teenage superheroes, the Avengers Academy!

Review Group Week 272 - Walking Dead #84

It's TV's The Walking Dead this week! Zombies and stuff.

Review Group Week 271 - Thunderbolts #156

This week's it's the Thunderbolts, nebulous villains turned heroes turned villains to anti-heroes turned anti-villains turned heroes turned villains again fun.

Review Group Week 270 - Uncanny X-Men #535

The Review Group tackles Kieron Gillen's first solo Uncanny X-Men issue! Something something bub, something something sugah.

The Vault #1 Review

TheGeek dives into the first issue of Image Comics'  newest mini-series, The Vault!

Rdrs Raw Recap 7/25

Last week saw Vince fired, Punk leave with the title, Daniel Bryan announce he's going to cash in Money in the Bank at Wreslemania, Rey and Miz make it to the finals of a tournament for a new champ,...

Royal Reviews: Marksmen #1

A brand new, high energy series debuts from Image, and speculates about the country's future.