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Review Group #407 - Termiator Salvation Final Battle #1 / Inhumanity #1

Since we had such a successful 2 weeks where people could review anything they wanted to, we'l' return to the regularly scheduled assigned work.

Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #1 Review

The guy who wrote Superman: Grounded continues the worst Terminator movie. How could this go wrong?

Bedlam #10: I Can Fix This

And I hope there's no extra parts left over.

Faction 2: A Kiwi Anthology Comic Pt.1

An entertaining and eclectic group of stories from (insert lame lord of the rings joke here.)

Something Terrible: Sure to be Award Winning

In so little words, hope is instilled, in the midst of Something Terrible.

Stack Month Part 3 (TPB Reviews)

I've fallen behind you say? It's December now? I shall forge ahead regardless!

Comics Reviews for the 27th of November 2013

Niam/Punchy is back with a bumper-sized Thanksgiving edition of his comics reviews!

Mind MGMT #17 Review

The Sleeper Agent has awoken!

Mignola's Iron Man Returns! Sledghammer 44 Lightning War #1!

Does Captain Fields have any humanity left?

Lagartos Grandes! Senos Grandes! The Goon #44 Review

Filled with a language you may or may not understand!

X-Files Season 10: Return of the Flukeman!

Forget X-Men! It's time for FLUKE-MEN!

I Shall Ford the WorldSea Upon My Mighty Nation-Turtle: A Black Science #1 Review

I sure hope they're called "Nation-Turtles". I made that one up but it seemed apt.

Independent Comic Review: "Frank N. Stein" is More Than Zombies

A mysterious man suddenly awakens to a vicious world inhabited by morbid horrors, ravaging madness, and scarce hope.

Review Group #406 - Free For All

RU totally lost track of the days of the week.