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Nightclub City: DJ Rivals (iPhone/ iPod Touch) Review

GLX reviews Nightclub City: DJ Rivals.

Silver Surfer #2 (2011 Mini-Series) Review

After losing his board and cosmic silver coating by way of a gnarly wave named the High Evolutionary, how will Norrid Radd adjust to a powerless life?

Creepy #5 Review

Martin John reviews the horror anthology Creepy #5

X Men #9 Review

Chris Bachalo packs every panel with overwhelming amounts of detail as he guides Wolverine, Spider-Man, Emma Frost, Storm and Gambit through the Manhattan sewers, on a child and lizard scavenger...

Uncanny X-Force #6 Review

With a new ally Deathloked and loaded, can Fantomex and the Uncanny X-Force save the world from a future threat...again? Plus, is Apocalypse Marvel's 2pac?

Spawn #205 Review

Martin John reviews Image's Spawn #205.

Fear Itself: Book of the Skull Review

The review is in...and it's not pretty.

Uncanny X-Force #5.1 Review

GLX reviews Uncanny X-Force #5.1.

TV Review: Marcel's Quantum Kitchen

Former Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron comes to Syfy with his own brand of cooking show, and The Outhouse has your advance review of the first episode!

The Knight's Shelf: Xombi #1

An underappericated comic from Milestone's glory days returns for another performance, but is the new show as good as the Original Act?

Royal Reviews: Ruse #1

Crossgen comics continues, as Marvel publishes a new RUSE #1, by original writer Mark Waid!

Gleeview - Original Song

Erik Galston review's Glee's return to regional's in the episode "Original Song." Caution spoilers ahead. 

Guarding The Globe #4

As War Wages in Invincible, the question of what's happening on Earth is being answered in a manner that only Skybound Comics could do.

Mr. Stuffins TPB Review

GLX reviews Mr. Stuffins TPB.