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Royal Reviews: Ruse #1

Crossgen comics continues, as Marvel publishes a new RUSE #1, by original writer Mark Waid!

Gleeview - Original Song

Erik Galston review's Glee's return to regional's in the episode "Original Song." Caution spoilers ahead. 

Guarding The Globe #4

As War Wages in Invincible, the question of what's happening on Earth is being answered in a manner that only Skybound Comics could do.

Mr. Stuffins TPB Review

GLX reviews Mr. Stuffins TPB.

Batman INC #3 Review

GLX takes a look at Batman INC #3.

Royal Reviews: Sigil #1

It's the return of Crossgen comics to the stands, as Marvel publishes a new SIGIL #1!

Scenes from an Impending Marriage Review

GLX reviews Scenes from an Impending Marriage by Adrian Tomine.

Gleeview - Sexy

After missing a few weeks, Erik Galston returns with a review of the Glee episode "Sexy."

Joe the Barbarian #8 Review

GLX reviews Joe the Barbarian #8.

"The Wise Man's Fear" by Patrick Rothfuss

Review of "The Kingkiller Chronicle, Day Two: The Wise Man's Fear"

Batman: The Brave and the Bold – 2.26: The Malicious Mr. Mind!

A rapidly de-aging Batman and the Marvel Family take on the Monster Society of Evil and their new boss, the malicious and malignant, Mr. Mind.

All-Star Superman (2011)

Zechs takes a look at the animated movie adaption based on Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly's comic run.

Royal Reviews: Iron Man 2.0 #1

James Rhodey, the erstwhile War Machine, gets a new ongoing issue written by Nick Spencer!

The Knight's Shelf: Morning Glories #7

Morning Glories is becoming one of Comics most thrilling, daring and mysterious rides. Does Issue #7 continue to exemplfy all of those qualities? Click the Link to find out.