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"Fall of Thanes" by Brian Ruckley

The epic conclusion to Brian Ruckley's "Godless World" series.

Marvel Pinball Review

Acclaimed pinball wizards Zen Studio's combine the thrill of pinball gaming with Marvel Comics themed tables of popular Marvel heroes Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man and Blade.

Young Justice 1.03: Welcome to Happy Harbor

Miss Martian shows the new team around their base, while an old foe of Red Tornado's rears his ugly head.

Avengers Academy #8

The most dynamic school in Comics holds yet another class in awesomeness, as choices are made in an issue that tackles a very important subject.

Lobo: Highway to Hell TPB Review

GLX read Lobo: Highway to Hell and lived to write a review about it.

"The Buntline Special" by Mike Resnick

Steampunk, magic & the wild west all converge in this alternate history story of the OK Corral shootout.

48 Reviews: Superior #4

Is Superior "The Best book on the stands"?

Star Wars- The Clone Wars 3.12-3.14: The Nightsisters Trilogy

Some new players enter the Clone Wars, the Nightsisters of Dathomir. What they do in these trio of episodes will change the course of the entire series.

Outhouse Book Club, January: "The Hunger Games"

The Outhouse Book Club discussion for January: "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins

Royal Reviews: Memoir #1

Royal Nonesuch has your review of MEMOIR #1, the beginning of a new horror story by Ben McCool and Nikki Cook, published by Image Comics!

Thor: The Mighty Avenger Remembrance

The Outhouse eulogizes one of the best comics of the last year, Thor: The Mighty Avenger

Royal Reviews: Infinite Vacation #1

Nick Spencer can't be stopped.  Royal Nonesuch reviews the first issue of his new book, INFINITE VACATION!

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Journey Begins

Marvel's ambitious adaptation of the Stephen King series moves into the novels proper, well sort of...