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Richard Stark's Parker: The Outfit

Eli takes a look at the follow up to the critically acclaimed The Hunter!

Batman: the Brave and the Bold 2.19 - Emperor Joker

Joker gets the powers of Bat-Mite. We're doomed. Also Batman: the Multi-Colored Dreamcape.

"Feed" by Mira Grant

The next review in our halloween zombie run is the first volume of the Newsflesh trilogy- Feed.  It is a must read for any zombie lover.

Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes! 1.01 & 1.02: Breakout Part 1 and 2

The Avengers get their due at long last in animated form.

The Last Days of American Crime #3

The smartest guy in The Outhouse, Eli Katz, takes a look at the conclusion to Radical's The Last Days of American Crime.

Review Group: Victorian Undead Special

BlueStreak had the pick for new comics shipping October 13th and he selected Victorian Undead Special by Ian Edginton and Horacio Domingues.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5 Review

GLX reviews Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5.

Ex Machina: A Retrospective Look

Porcelain38 takes a look back on the best series of the decade, Ex Machina. 

Knight & Squire #1 Review

Tally ho! Britain's Batman and Robin get their own mini-series. It's as British as you can get, and gloriously demented.

Sym-Bionic Titan 1.05: Roar of the White Dragon

No General Modula. No Solomon. No General Steel. We have ourselves the first filler episode of the series! RUN!!

Ritten RUview - Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer Volume 2: The Great Puppet Theater

Your good buddy RU was sent an advance copy of Pinocchio Vampire Slayer and the Great Puppet Theater, how cool is that?  Well, read on to find out.

Chaos War #1 Review

The Chaos War is upon us!  Will the final arc in the Incredible Hercules epic live up to the hype surrounding the beloved book?

The Example

Brief Cases, late trains, and small talk add up to what is probably the best comic of the year!

Review Group: Ultimate Comics Thor #1

Punchy had the pick for new comics shipping October 6th and he selected Ultimate Comics Thor #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Pacheco.