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5 Days to Die #1

IDW's weekly noir book gets the once over from the smartest guy at the outhouse.


Lee returns with a review of Archaia's new imprint Black Label's first graphic Novel, Syndrome!

Brightest Day Act 1 Review.

Porcelain38 Reviews DC's Brightest Day!

Guarding the Globe #1 Review (With Bonus Science Dog #1 Review!)

Robert Kirkman is one of the hottest writers in the comic book industry.  How does Guarding the Globe #1, his newest title, stand up to the rest of his body of work.  Click to find...

13 Weeks of Friday the 13th: Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

Because just being called Friday the 13th: Part 3 (1982) wasn't enough for the franchise. They had to shoot it in 3-D!!!

Royal Reviews: Denis Kitchen's Chipboard Sketchbook

Royal Nonesuch takes an advance look at the next collection of Denis Kitchen art!

TMNT Turtles Forever (2009): The DVD Review

Zechs takes a look at the DVD release of the anniversary TMNT animated movie, TMNT Turtles Forever (2009).

Cleaning the Plate for 8/25/10 - Spoilers

What did Starlord choose for his final books? What are the last words he has written in this column? Here it is...

Ides of Blood #1

Is Ides of Blood #1 your usual vampire fare?  BlueStreak doesn't think so!  Click to find out why Ides of Blood rises above the usual vampire rabble!

Cleaning the Plate for 8/18/10 - Spoilers

A week that makes me happy to be a comic book fanboy.

13 Weeks of Friday the 13th: Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Jason takes on the spotlight smashing through a whole new batch of victims in Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981).

The Light #5 Review

GLX reviews the fifth and final issue of The Light.

DV8: Gods and Monsters #5 Review

GLX reviews DV8: Gods and Monsters #5.

Sweets #2 Review

Eli Katz reviews the second issue of this crime comic set in New Orleans.