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New Avengers Finale Review

The end of an Era: Erik Galston takes a look at New Avengers Finale

Cleaning the Plate for 5/12/10 - Spoilers

This week Starlord gives you his thoughts on not only Siege but the many epilogues that followed. You just might be surprised... for the most part.

Sentry: Fallen Sun

Erik Galston reviews the epilogue to Marvel's Siege Event, Sentry: Fallen Sun!

On The Throne: Porcelain38 Reviews Sweet Tooth Vol. 1

Porcelain38 tells you why you need to, no MUST! buy Sweet Tooth!

Royal Reviews: Birds of Prey #1

Royal Nonesuch reviews the new BIRDS OF PREY #1, published by DC Comics!

DeadLord Weekly Reviews - 5/5/10 - Spoilers

The DeadLord reviews are here. A tad late thanks to the Starlord part of this duo, but here none the less. Enjoy!

Royal Reviews: Dark Avengers #16

Royal Nonesuch reviews the grand finale of Dark Avengers, from Marvel Comics!

On The Throne: Porcelain38 Reviews Justice League: Generation Lost #1

Porcelain38 reviews Justice League: Generation Lost #1! Prepare to meet Maxwell Lord 2.0

Review: The Night Owls Vol. 1

Jude Terror reviews the first collection of the twice-weekly Zuda webcomic, The Night Owls!

Double Shot Review: Siege #4

Jude Terror and Erik Galston look at the final issue of the super-mega-blockbuster-epic Marvel event, Siege!

Fourthman Reviews The Return of Bruce Wayne #1

Grant Morrison gave us the Final Crisis, is possible that the return of one of DC's marquee characters is the First Crisis.

Review: Frenemy of the State #1

Royal Nonesuch reviews the first issue of FRENEMY OF THE STATE, the new comic co-written by actress Rashida Jones!

Review Group: I, Zombie #1

Mr_Batman had the pick for new comics shipping May 5th and he most excellently selected I, Zombie #1 by Chris Roberson and Mike and Laura Allred.

Fourthman Reviews Astonishing X-Men: Xeno Genesis #1

This week's fourthpoll had a clear winner, people wanted to see what this new Astonishing X-Men book was all about. Lee lets you know...