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On The Throne: Porcelain38 Reviews Brightest Day #1

Porcelain38 Reviews DC's Brightest Day #1. First issue! First Review! It's Awesome!

Review: Red Robin #12

Royal Nonesuch reviews Red Robin #12 from DC Comics!

Review: Codebreakers #2

Royal Nonesuch reviews Codebreakers #2, published by Boom! Studios.

Review Group - Siege: Secret Warriors

GLX had the pick for new comics shipping April 28th and he selected Siege: Secret Warriors by Jonathan Hickman and Alessandro Vitti.

Review: Garrison #1

Jude Terror takes a look at Wildstorm's latest, Garrison #1 by Jeff Mariotte and Francesco Francavilla!

Cleaning the Plate for 4/28/10 - Spoilers

A look at God's, Goddesses, and a double dose of Kryptonians this week.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1 Review

Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu kick off the 2nd Ultimate Avengers story arc, but it's more of a Punisher story really.

Iron Man 2 Movie Review

The squeakquel to Iron Man is out in the UK right now. Suck it America! I suppose I could give you a review, if you really want it....

Review: Siege: Spider-Man #1

Jude Terror takes a look at Siege: Spider-Man, by Outhouse favorite writer Brian Reed!

DeadLord Weekly Reviews - 4/21/10 - Spoilers

More comic goodness this week with very little disappointment. Just the way it should be.

Review Group: X-Men Forever Annual #1

Jude Terror had the pick for new comics shipping April 21st and he of course selected X-Men Forever Annual #1 by Chris Claremont and Sana Takeda.

Fourthman Reviews Incorruptible #5

In case you hadn't heard, fourthpoll resulted in a tie.  For the second advance review, Lee ponders if the reverse side of Irredeemable has merit.

Fourthman Reviews Husk #1

This week, Fourthpoll resulted in a tie.  First up is the first issue of the Soliel Science Ficiton book.