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Fourthman Reviews Incorruptible #5

In case you hadn't heard, fourthpoll resulted in a tie.  For the second advance review, Lee ponders if the reverse side of Irredeemable has merit.

Fourthman Reviews Husk #1

This week, Fourthpoll resulted in a tie.  First up is the first issue of the Soliel Science Ficiton book.

Review: Spellcheckers Vol. 1

Starlord takes a look at the latest from Oni Press: Spellcheckers Vol. 1, in stores now!

Marvel Divas TPB Review

GLX reviews Marvel Divas.

Fourthman Reviews The Spirit #1

The Spirit is back and he's brought comics legends with him!

Fourthman Reviews On The Odd Hours

There is no way to hype this book without it sounding like a pretentious version of Night at the Museum.  Problem is it is a complex and interesting if flawed read.

Star Wars The Clone Wars 2.20: Death Trap

Boba Fett make's his Clone Wars debut, ready to settle the score against Mace Windu for his father's death.

Advance Review: Hotwire Vol.1: Requiem for the Dead TPB

Royal Nonesuch reviews HOTWIRE vol. 1: Requiem for the Dead, out next week from Radical Comics!

Fourthman Reviews The Last Days of American Crime #1

With issue two hitting shelves next week, Radical celebrates with a second printing of the first issue.  So, does it live up to all the hype?

TerriG's Early Review of The Losers

Sexy people making things go boom? Yes please.


This week DeadFett and Starlord seem to disagree more than they agree on the three books that they review!

Fourthman Reviews Doc Savage #1

The Man of Bronze that was a prototype for Superman is back.  Is he still relevent?

Fourthman Reviews Donald Duck and Friends #353

This week's Fourthpoll lightning round ends with a kid's book.  So is it merely kids stuff or is it worth a look?

Review Group: Kill Shakespeare #1

Spicy Dickspeare had the pick for new comics shipping April 14th and he selected Kill Shakespeare #1 by Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col and Andy Belanger.