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Kick-Ass Movie Review

Check out this in-depth, early review of Kick-Ass, the most anticipated R-Rated superhero movie of all time!

Fourthman Reviews A Home For Mr. Easter

An energetic and promising debut is a mad cap fantasy romp and something unique, an Easter themed Graphic Novel.

Fourthman Reviews Cowboy Ninja Viking #5

Pure insanity is the name of the game as the first arc of the most epic comic on the stands comes to a close.

Fourthman Reviews X-Men Second Coming #1

New to the Outhouse, Lee Newman brings his critical eye to the onset of the new X-Event!!!


Let’s check in with DeadFett and Starlord to see what they liked and didn’t this week in comics, shall we?

Review Group: Amazing Spider-Man #626

Dragavon had the pick for new comics shipping March 24th and he selected Amazing Spider-Man #626 by Fred Van Lente and Michael Gaydos.


DeadLord's weekly review is here! Do you agree? Do you disagree? We dare you to speak your mind!

Review Group: Irredeemable #12

MrBlack had the pick for new comics shipping March 17th and he selected Irredeemable #12 by Mark Waid, Peter Strause and Diego Barreto.

Review: Mysterious the Unfathomable TPB

Jude Terror takes a look at Wildstorm's Mysterius the Unfathomable trade paperback from Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler!

Batman: Death Mask Review

GLX reviews Batman: Death Mask.

American Vampire #1 Review

Stephen King's writing a Vampire comic, so what? Find out it's any good in the only review that matters, the one from the Outhouse!

Review Group: Daytripper #4

48THRiLLS had the pick for new comics shipping March 10th and he selected Daytripper #4 by Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon.


What did we like, what didn't we like, and what's did Starlord Clean the Plate with this week? Read it here! Read it now! Just read it!

So I Finally Saw.. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Zechs sets his sights on the Inglourious Basterds (2009).