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Review Group Hellboy: The Bride of Hell

Chris had the pick for new comics shipping December 23rd and he selected Hellboy: The Bride of Hell by Mike Mignola, Richard Corben and Dave Stewart.

Super Information Hijinks : Reality Check issue #1

For this week, it's something cute reviewed, it's Super Information Hijinks : Reality Check issue #1 from Sirius Entertainment.

Cleaning the Plate for 12/23/09

The super zombies keep on marching for better or worse, and one last nod to my favorite Marvel book of 2009.

DeadLord's Weekly Comic Reviews #1

In the first edition of DeadLord's Weekly Comic Reviews, Deadfett and Starlord take a look at Captain America Reborn #5, Astonishing X-Men #33 and Cable #21!

Review Group Walt Disney Comics & Stories #701

thefourthman had the pick for new comics shipping December 16th and he selected Walt Disney Comics & Stories by Riccardo Secchi and Stefano Turconi.

Cleaning the Plate for 12/16/09

This is the kind of week that makes you happy to be a comic book geek... errr... fan...

Poison Elves issue #1

This week, it's one of my favorite titles, Poison Elves!

Daring D on Avatar: A Review

Daring D reviews James Cameron's technological opus: Avatar.

Review Group Invincible Iron Man #21

Old Man had the pick for new comics shipping December 9th and he selected Invincible Iron Man #21 by Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca and Frank D'Armata.

So I Finally Saw.. Santa Claus: The Movie (1985)

You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout cause Zechs is going to tell you why with his review of this Christmas Classic.

Body Bags #1

For this week, Cat reviews Jason Pearon's Body Bags.

Cleaning the Plate for 12/9/09

Oh Spider-Man, what have they done to you! Dark Beast and Batgirl for the win, this week.

King Impulse 'Reviews' Phonogram: The Singles Club #6

King Impulse makes his front page debut with a 'review' of Image's Phonogram: The Singles Club #6