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REVIEW- Transformers: Robots in Disguise #22

Suddenly, Soundwave is the most interesting guy in the room.

Comics Reviews for the 30th of October 2013

Reviews of all this week's best comics, including Sandman, Spider-Man, Aquaman, the Son of Batman, and other men.

But it's not just men!

The Empire Strikes Kestavel! Star Wars Dark Times: A Spark Remains #4

Jedi Jennir and Jedi Master Hudorra Prepare for Darth Vader's arrival!

Better Late Than Never Review: Rat Queens #2

The Rat Queens bloody up an ogre.

Review Group #403 - Sandman Overture #1

This might make for the two most popular weeks since RU took over.

Captain Midnight #4: Charlotte has a magic shirt!

A brief review of the new Captain Midnight, followed by a boob-rant.

Tween High School drama abounds in My Little Pony Annual 2013

It's a My Little Pony book about the human versions of the My Little Ponies! Why are you looking at me that way!

Epic Conclusion of 5-Part Bushido

If you read one review about Bushido, read this one!

Five Ghosts #6 Review: The Return of Fabian Gray!

Fabian heads to the land of the rising sun in search of the mythical Masamune blade!

Turtle Power! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #27 Review

The penultimate chapter of City Fall is here!

The Crow: Curare #3

Just watch the movie on Netflix.

Please America! Judge Dredd Year One Review

Judge Dredd would kick a puppy for littering. What happens when a city is flooded with adolescent arsonists?

Transformers Regeneration One #95

We review Regen One #95... with sexy results (sexy results not included).