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Stumptown #1 Review

Greg Rucka's new Oni Press Detective book is out this week, and wow, it's really fucking good. Seriously, drop something this week and pick it up.

Cleaning the Plate for 10/28/09

What a great week for comics! More good than bad.

Snow Queen (iPhone/iPod Touch) Review

GLX reviews Snow Queen.

Brigade's First Issue

This time about, Cat-Scratch reviews Image Comics' Brigade volume 1 issue 1.

So I Finally Saw.. Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)

Zechs has one last Halloween treat up his sleeve. He's gotten his hands on Blood: The Last Vampire (2009). Will it live up to its anime predecessor?

Marmalade Boy vol. 1 Review

GLX reviews Marmalade Boy vol. 1.

The Spinrack: Retro Reviews #5

GLX reviews another set of retro comics.

Football U (iPhone/iPod Touch) Review

GLX reviews Football U for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

So I Finally Saw... Halloween Resurrection

Tis the season to be scary. So what can be nothing scarier then Busta Rhymes in the "final" Halloween film, Halloween Resurrection (2002)?

Scalped Vol.5: High Lonesome Review

"And in my head there's all these classic cars and outlaw Cowboy Bands, I always kinda sorta wish I'm someone else.

Review Group Azrael #1

MrBlack had the pick for new comics shipping October 21st and he selected Azrael #1 by Fabian Nicieza and Ramon Bachs.

Venture Brothers 4.02: Handsome Ransom

BEHOLD VIEWERS, THE GLORIOUS RETURN OF THE GREATEST ARCHFIEND THAT IS THE MONARCH HAS COME WITHIN THIS EPISODE! For this episode will have holometabolis life cycle of awesome, tubular, and EPIC...

Cleaning the Plate for 10/21/09

Great batch of comics this week.

So I Finally Saw... The Brides of Dracula

Even though Drac himself has no appearance in the film, the vampire king doesn't have to be around to show off his work, as we have another entry horror film, The Brides of Dracula...