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Incredibles #0 Review

Incredibles #0
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Marcio Takara
From: BOOM! Studios

Review Group Daredevil #500

King Impulse had the pick for new comics shipping August 19th and he selected Daredevil #500 by Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, Ann Nocenti and David Aja.

The Spinrack - 8/25/09

GLX is back with a brand new review segment, bitches.

The Unknown #4 Review

The Final issue of Mark Waid and Minck Oosterveer's mysterious mini-series is here, but does it answer all our questions about life, the universe and everything?

Bloodstrike issue #1 (1993)

Here Cat-Scratch takes a look at one of Image comics earlier spin offs from Rob Liefeld's Youngblood, Bloodstirke.

28 Days Later #1 Review

28 Days Later #1
Written by: Michael Alan Nelson
Artwork by: Declan Shalvey

Cleaning the Plate for 8/19/09

After a summer hiatus, Cleaning the Plate is back in action! And we start with three babes and a Peter!

8/19/09 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials -- le spoils!!

Get your hot Blue Plates here! Well, your lukewarm Blue Plates anyway...good bit of mediocrity here.

Review Group Ultimate Comics Avengers #1

Punchy had the pick for new comics shipping August 12th and he selected Ultimate Comics Avengers #1 by Mark Millar, Carlos Pacheco, Danny Miki and Justin Ponsor.

The Warlord issue #24, volume 1

The Warlord issue #24, volume 1.
Published by DC Comics in 1979.
Story Written & Penciled by Mike Grell
Inked by Vince Colletta

Review Group Doom Patrol #1

thefourthman had the pick for new comics shipping August 5th and he foolishly put it up for a vote and the masses selected Doom Patrol #1 by Keith Giffen and Matthew Clark with Metal Men backup...

Monkey Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Lord Simian once again gives you his opinion on the latest films he's seen, this time HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE!

Review Group Mice Templar: Destiny #1

young neil had the pick for new comics shipping July 29th and he selected Mice Templar: Destiny #1 by Michael Avon Oeming, Bryan J.L. Glass, Victor Santos and Veronica Gandini.