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4/22/09 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Specials -- le spoiles!!

Sorry for the delay folks, but here's your 1-day late Blue Plates!

Review Group The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft #1

thefourthman had the pick for new comics shipping April 15th and he selected The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft #1 by Mac Carter and Tony Salmons.

Cleaning the Plate for 415/09 - Spoilers

This week’s picks have a rather simple theme running through them. They all contain very strong female characters. So how are they being treated? Let’s find out...

Spetacular Spider-Man 2.03: Reinforcements

Tis the season for some sinister tidings, because the Sinister Six have returned to Scrooge up Spider-Man's Christmas. So what do they have to do with the Master Planner's overall Master...

Advance Reviews of Dynamo 5 #21 & Fall of Cthulhu: Nemesis #1

 Wanna know what to pick up this Wednesday from an intelligent, cultured person? Go elsewhere!! For your pleasure, here's reviews of Dynamo 5 #21 and Fall of Cthulhu: Nemesis #1. Enjoy....

GLX's Side Dishes 4/16/09

GLX is back to review two new comics and two (barely) old comics.

Review Group: Wolverine: Weapon X #1

young neil had the pick for new comics shipping April 8th and he selected Wolverine: Weapon X #1 by Jason Aaron, Ron Garney and Jason Keith.

Spectacular Spider-Man 2.02: Destructive Testing

The hunt begins, as Kraven the Hunter arrives on the show.

GLX's Side Dishes 4/9/09

GLX delivers a trio of reviews, for your reading pleasure.

Review Group: Flash: Rebirth#1

This week's pick was put up for a vote for new comics shipping April 1st and the group overwhelmingly chose Flash: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver and Alex Sinclair. 

Cleaning the Plate for 4/1/09 - Spoilers

Reviews from the great state of Minnesota!

Spectacular Spider-Man 2.01: Blueprints

Season 2 of Spectacular Spider-Man starts off with a bang with the introduction of Mysterio. Does it continues the trend of spectacular adaption of the characters from the...