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Wedding Bells! Invincible Universe #10 Review

It's a nice day for a white wedding. It's a nice day where you could start again...OR you could spiral back into alcoholism. It's really a toss up.

WE NEED UTAH! The Victories #9

The Victories take a hard look at what separates them from the bad guys.

Comics Reviews for the 29th of January 2014

Punchy's here, and in the spirit of Top 5 day, he has his Top 14 comics of the week! In no particular order!

She's Her Own Villain: Furious #1

Life's a bitch and Glass and Santos are its pimp.

The Saviors: Stoners, Aliens, and Explosions

Dear Image, Shut up and take my money... again. Love, Amanda.

Computer Dorks and Cape Play - Binary Grey Review

Well, we done gone Indie, and to be frank, it is an enjoyable ride.

Hello Me, It's Me Again - A Voice in the Dark #3

The third issue of 2012 Comics Industrialist of the Year Larime Taylor's A Voice in the Dark is in stores now, and it's the first issue with new content after the Kickstarter project.

Firefly is Back - Sort Of. Review of Serenity #1

Joss Whedon's brother Zach takes the weight of the long dead show, and places it on his shoulders for all of us poor souls.

Comics Reviews for the 22nd of January 2014

The UK was shorted on a lot of Marvel books this week, but that can't stop Punchy and his reviews!

Review Group #414 - Free For All

This is late, this is late, on a very important date!

Pretty Awesome...Er...Pretty Deadly #4

East of West > Pretty Deadly = The Prestige > The Illusionist