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Punchy's Comics Reviews for the 26th of March 2014

Reviews of this week's comics, including Superior Spider-Man, Sandman Overture, Fatale, Iron Patriot, Aquaman and Uncanny Avengers.

Real Heroes #1 Review

Hollywood stars become superheroes in Bryan Hitch's debut as a writer.

From Stone Ta Stone, From Rock Ta Rock: Skullkickers #25!

Shorty gets a warm homecoming in the cold town of Dwayre!

Indie Comics Fair Quick Reviews

Some bullet reviews of indie comics from this month's Indie Comics Fair in Columbus.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Review

Despite being about Captain America, the new movie is actually out in the UK before the States, which is presumably Obamacare's fault.

REVIEW- Transformers: Robots in Disguise #27

The penultimate chapter of Dark Cybertron brings us a death in the Autobot ranks!

Glorious Absurdity: The Auteur #2

It's like Deadpool on crack.

Thaniel - We're Totally Not Biased

Is it actually good? I've read through the first two issues.

Punchy's Comics Reviews for the 19th of March 2014

Niam 'Punchy' Suggitt reviews this week's comics, like Daredevil, American Vampire, All-New Invaders, Animal Man, Sex Criminals, Ms Marvel, Batman '66 and more.

Presenting Dark Horse Presents #34!

A fun one-shot, two stories start and two more end!