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Review: The White Suits #1

Bloodstains are really difficult to get out of white clothing. The White Suits #1 is published by Dark Horse Comics.

Algebra of New Comics: Alex + Ada = Her

Alex + Ada #4 crawls along slowly, giving fans time for contemplation, if you're into that.

Hilariously Irreverent New Indie Hit: Rumble Moon

"A galactic comedy of retarded scale."

Punchy's Comics Reviews for the 12th of February 2014

Reviews of this week's comics, including She-Hulk, Superior Spider-Man, Batman, Fatale, All-New X-Men, Justice League Of America and more.

Review: The Royals: Masters of War #1

The Vertigo limited series presents a super-powered British Royal Family during WWII.

The Tarkin Doctrine In Action: Star Wars #14

On the fifth day of Sith, Lord Vader gave to me...

The Mercenary Sea #1 Review

A stolen submarine. A ragtag crew. A mysterious island. How bad could this be?

Seattle Is Worse: Abe Sapien #10

Abe Sapien talks about his past and more strange occurrences.

Egos - Superhero Sci-fi Waffles - Minus the Waffles

Invincible meets Galactus meets Fifth Element

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - "Ponyville Days"

Men cannot define us! - Pony girlfriends everywhere.

Drumhellar #4 Review: I cant believe this is a real comic

Its so good it'll make you want to get a reach around from a 12 armed giraffe hooker from the planet kragthor.

Comics Reviews for the 5th of February 2014

Reviews of this week's comics, including more All-New Marvel Now, some Forever Evil, a little bit of Lazarus and more!

Who Is The Lobster?: Lobster Johnson Get The Lobster #1!

The Russian Bear vs The Devil Dwarf vs The Lobster!