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Presenting Dark Horse Presents #32!

Hellboy doesn't stay married long and other tales.

Livewire! Unity #3 Review

Valiant continues doing all the right things.

Review: Curse #1

There's a monster on the loose. But, I gotta take care of my sick kid. What's a guy to do?

Comics Reviews for the 8th of January 2014

Punchy's back to kick off 2014 with a bang, as All-New Marvel Now begins, Green Lantern takes a shocking turn, Young Avengers comes to an end, and Sex Criminals gets even filthier.

Anakin Skywalker Is Dead! Star Wars #13!

Would you survive five days as Darth Vader's assistant?

Review: Quantum & Woody 7

The dysfunctional duo storms a secret compound full of white supremacists, what could go wrong?

Horse and Eggs Anyone? Abe Sapien #9

Abe stumbles upon an odd Arizona town.

Review Group #412 - Sex Criminals #4

I let guitarsmashley skip a week for this book. Why, cause I'm that nice.

Losing Control. Shadowman #14 Review

Jack Boniface is on his own.

Vampires? Again? A Bad Blood #1 Review

Is there an upside to cancer? Maybe? Vampires sure don't like it. Never seen one run a 5k though. Am I a horrible person?

Battles in the Afterlife: The Occultist #4 Review

A fight to the death with the dead and the non-corporeal.

"Hehe. You Said Tits." The Victories #8

The elite show their hand and The Jackal Corp show up to kick ass.

The Manhattan Projects #17 Review: A Shit trap

"Fuck your science, doctor...I've got a machine gun"