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Vampirates vs. Samurai : Pre-release Review of Bushido #1

If you don't pick up this issue, you must commit Seppuku.

Clive Barker's Next Testament #4 - The Sequel to the Bible

Just like the bible, this story is made up too.

Scribblenauts: Unmasked

The DCU is unleashed in the latest entry to the Scribblenauts franchise.

Comics Reviews for the 25th of September 2013

Niam Suggitt runs the gauntlet with this week's comics, including the last lot of Villain's Month stuff, a load of Image Comics goodness, the final issue of Gambit, more of Infinity and more X-Men...

Review: Rat Queens #1

A new modern fantasy series from Image Comics.

Review: Dark Horse Presents #28

Some of comics best talent come together for another round of genius.

Review: Saga #14

What will happen when Marko and Alana finally meet their idol, author D. Oswald Heist?

Review: Sin Titulo

Within these pages lies a bit of madness, and a ton of head scratching.

Hot Sticky Adventure : Review on Sex Criminals #1

Clumsy, time-stopping sex & bank robbing that everyone can relate to.

Review: Criminal Macabre: The Eyes of Frankenstein #1

Criminal Macabre returns in a limited series with a new reader friendly starting point.

Review: Star Wars Legacy II #7

Ania Solo and Jao Assam attempt to track down Darth Wredd.

Review: Planet of the Apes Giant #1

War is at the doorstep. Who will survive?

Review Group #398 - Free For All

No one with 5 means a Free For All!

Image Strikes Gold : Review of Jupiter's Legacy #3

I’m in shock. I knew it was coming, you knew it was coming, but damn this issue was better than I expected. Image just stuck gold.

Review: East of West #6

Another issue of Hickman and Dragotta's East of West hits the stands!