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Drumhellar #4 Review: I cant believe this is a real comic

Its so good it'll make you want to get a reach around from a 12 armed giraffe hooker from the planet kragthor.

Comics Reviews for the 5th of February 2014

Reviews of this week's comics, including more All-New Marvel Now, some Forever Evil, a little bit of Lazarus and more!

Who Is The Lobster?: Lobster Johnson Get The Lobster #1!

The Russian Bear vs The Devil Dwarf vs The Lobster!

The X-Files Conspiracy

The real conspiracy is how crap like this gets published.

The Reservoir: A Moth City Prequel (Now With More Press Kit)

Try something new this week. The Outhouse wouldn't steer you wrong.

Wedding Bells! Invincible Universe #10 Review

It's a nice day for a white wedding. It's a nice day where you could start again...OR you could spiral back into alcoholism. It's really a toss up.

WE NEED UTAH! The Victories #9

The Victories take a hard look at what separates them from the bad guys.

Comics Reviews for the 29th of January 2014

Punchy's here, and in the spirit of Top 5 day, he has his Top 14 comics of the week! In no particular order!

She's Her Own Villain: Furious #1

Life's a bitch and Glass and Santos are its pimp.

The Saviors: Stoners, Aliens, and Explosions

Dear Image, Shut up and take my money... again. Love, Amanda.

Computer Dorks and Cape Play - Binary Grey Review

Well, we done gone Indie, and to be frank, it is an enjoyable ride.

Hello Me, It's Me Again - A Voice in the Dark #3

The third issue of 2012 Comics Industrialist of the Year Larime Taylor's A Voice in the Dark is in stores now, and it's the first issue with new content after the Kickstarter project.