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Advance Review: The Darkness #115

The darkness will make sex with your corpse long time.

Advance Review: Cyber Force Issue 6

Daniel Redondo reviews a rapidly rusting issue of Cyber Force. The sterling shine of the opening free arc is starting to fade.

Advance Review: Kiss Me, Satan! #1

Werewolves are comfortably running New Orleans, but things are about to be shaken up.

Review: Captain America #11

The latest issue of Captain America points to a fascinating new direction for the character.

Advance Review: Zero #1

Jeff Kromer looks at the new Image Comics series from Ales Kot and Michael Walsh.

A Look Back at...Daredevil: Yellow

After Matt Murdock's father is murdered in the streets of Hell's Kitchen, he takes to the skies as newly formed acrobatic hero Daredevil.

Retro Reviews: Busiek/Nord Conan

Kyle Benning takes a look back at the classic Conan run!

Advance Book Review: 'Parasite' by Mira Grant

Reading Realms Reviews Mira Grant's new futuristic thriller series.

Comics Reviews for the 11th of September 2013

Punchy reviews this week's comics, including Villain's Month, Infinity, King's Watch, Indestructible Hulk and more.

Retro Review: JLA: Earth Two

Kyle Benning takes a look at the classic Crime Syndicate story JLA: Earth 2.

This Week In Punchy for the 4th of September 2013

TWIP goes event-crazy with Infinity, Forever Evil, Battle Of The Atom and Villain's Month.

Comics You Should Be Reading: Twelve Reasons to Die

With issue #3 of Twelve Reasons to Die in stores today, I'm reviving this feature, and I don't care if I'm doing it properly.

Review: Wolverine and the X-Men #35

A review of the final issue of the Hellfire Saga.

Retro Reviews: Post-Crisis Justice League

A look at the classic Justice League International run.