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Presenting Dark Horse Presents #30!

Jump into battle with Saint George and nine other tales!

The Blockhead Is All Grown Up: Weapon Brown

Happiness is a cold, cold puppy.

Suicide Risk: Not a Risky Read!

Suicide Risk isn't about the super powers; at least, it won’t be about super powers for much longer.

Sex Toy Fight!!! Sex Criminals #3 Review

Fat Bottomed Girls performance included.

Historical Fiction And Exploding Heads: A Uber Vol. 1 Review

Jeff Kromer reviews the first volume of Kieron Gillen's super-powered WWII epic.


Second time isn't as charming as I'd like...

Mars Attacks: They Sure Hate Whales

The little green men are back, and they sure hate literature... and Christmas... and puppies. Damn, these guys are jerks!

Mars Attacks Dredd: Clearly They Have Been Drinking

Little Green Men step into the ring with Sci-Fi's crochetiest lawman. Let the bodies his the flooooooooooor!

Twin-Attack!: Samurai Jack #2!

Fair is using strength to protect those in need.

Crazed Superhero Survival Horror: A Leaving Megalopolis Review

Lotta buzzwords in that article title. Anyway. Jeff Kromer reviews Gail Simone's Kickstarter book.

A Daring Escape and A Shocking Reveal! Star Wars #11

Han and Chewy finally find a way to rearm the rebellion.

Comics Reviews for the 13th of November 2013

Niam reviews this weeks comics. Not much else to say.

Three: #2 is better than #1

Three isn't 300. It's 300 against Three.

Review Group #405 - Umbral #1

"It's not a great week, but I guess I'll go with Umbral #1 from Image"

A ringing endorsement if I ever heard one