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Three: #2 is better than #1

Three isn't 300. It's 300 against Three.

Review Group #405 - Umbral #1

"It's not a great week, but I guess I'll go with Umbral #1 from Image"

A ringing endorsement if I ever heard one

Review: Archer & Armstrong 15

Armstrong and Ivar go on the bar crawl to end all bar crawls.

History of the Mayans: Ape Sapien #7

Abe Sapien Is One Step Closer To Xibalba!

Unity #1 is a Disappointing Misstep from Valiant

Jeff Kromer wanted to like Unity #1, and he might have if it had been X-O Manowar #19.

Indie Funded: Not So Super Review & Preview

Imagine you & your desk job were humming along until you got superpowers! Only then they were...Not So Super.

Kickass Kickstarter Projects: Shattered With Curve of Horn

Explore new territory in this upcoming graphic novel - your mind!

Stack Month Part 1 (TPB Reviews)

Jeff Kromer is reading a trade a day for the month of November. It's going... ok?

Comics Reviews for the 6th of November 2013

Niam Suggitt reviews this week's comics, including Superman Unchained, Amazing X-Men, East Of West, Forever Evil, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Action Comics and more.

East of West #7: Are You an Agent of the End Times?

Have you become what the message demands?

Quantum & Woody #5 Review

Sex euphemisms are abound in the newest tale of the dysfunctional duo.