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Presenting Dark Horse Presents #34!

A fun one-shot, two stories start and two more end!

I Kissed Letter 44, and I'm Not Ashamed

3 reasons why Letter 44 f'n rocks.

Supernatural: "Blade Runners"

No Harrison Ford references = FAIL

Comics Reviews for the 12th of March 2014

This week's comics reviewed! Includes Fantastic Four, Batman, Secret Avengers, Invincible, Hawkeye, Superman/Wonder Woman and more besides.

Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 Review SPOILER -- He fights a robot!

Yeah, I went with the Liefeld variant cover. Deal with it.

Princess Leia Finds Her Prince! Star Wars #15!

You can take the boy out of the water-farming wasteland...

Keeping The Peace: Abe Sapien #11

To The Last Man wraps up as Gustav Strobl asserts his dominance.


It's the triumphant, cataclysmic return of Alex Milne!

Get Stoned & Fight Aliens - Saviors #3

Not for children, but for the simple-minded.

Punchy's Comics Reviews for the 5th of March 2014

Reviews of this week's comics, including Moon Knight, Jupiter's Legacy, Green Lantern, Velvet, Nova, She-Hulk, Action Comics and more.

Zen Bowling and Revival #18

Cooper loses his innocence and Dana gets one step closer to the burnt man.

Gone. Like a Ghost: Lobster Johnson Get The Lobster #2!

We meet El Bogavante and learn the NYPD actually doesn't fight crime with hand grenades!