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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II review

The sequel to the best-selling Star Wars game ever promised to address the criticism of its predecessor and go one step further in the next chapter of the blockbuster Star Wars franchise.

"Harbinger of the Storm" by Aliette De Bodard

Aztec, fantasy, and murder-mystery all in one in Aliette De Bodard's second 'Obsidian and Blood' novel.

Small Press Review: Nix Comics Quarterly

The Outhouse reviews Nix Comics Quarterly, a Columbus, Ohio small press anthology.

Who is Jake Ellis? #1 Review

GLX takes a look at Who is Jake Ellis? #1.

"Winterbirth" by Brian Ruckley

Reading Realms takes a look at Brian Ruckley's debut novel "Winterbirth", the start of his Godless World trilogy.

On The Throne: Batman Beyond #1

Close to ten years after his first appearance DC gives the Batman of Tomorrow his own ongoing series! 

Royal Reviews: Echoes #1

Royal Nonesuch checks in with a review of the first issue of ECHOES, the new story by writer Joshua Hale Fialkov!

Nemesis #4 Review

GLX reviews Nemesis #4.

Review Group: Larfleeze Christmas Special

Seventeen participants got in on the fun of reviewing the Larfleeze Christmas Special.  See what they had to say!

Cyclops: The Recruit Review

The Outhouse reviews Matz's latest offering:  Cyclops!

Proof Endangered #1

Proof returns.  Will it live up to its subtitle or its pedigree?

Review Group: Booster Gold #39

Ameobas had the pick and chose Booster Gold #39.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1.16: Widow's Sting

Hawkeye tries to settle things once and for all with his treacherous ex-partner the Black Widow.

Royal Reviews: Black Panther: Man Without Fear #513

Black Panther gets a fresh start as the new Man Without Fear at Marvel, and Royal Nonesuch takes a look!