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Review Group - Incognito: Bad Influences #1

guitarsmashley had the pick for new comics shipping October 27th and he selected Incognito: Bad Influences #1 by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Val Staples.

"Side Jobs" by Jim Butcher

Reading Realms takes a look at the short story collection "Side Jobs" of Chicago's own wizard: Harry Dresden.

Royal Reviews: Punisher: In the Blood #1

Royal Nonesuch takes a look at the return of The Punisher to the streets of the Marvel Universe!

Avengers : Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1.09- Living Legend

While they search for the Hulk, the Avengers find someone else entirely, Captain America. But before the time-lost hero can recover, Baron Zemo strikes!

The Outhouse Book Club, October: "Ex-Heroes"

For our first Outhouse Book Club, we take a look at the zombie super-hero novel: "Ex-Heroes" by Peter Clines.

Royal Reviews: Abattoir #1

Royal Nonesuch reviews Abattoir #1, published by Radical Comics and created by one of the masterminds of the Saw movie franchise!

Venture Brothers 4.15: The Silent Partners

Billy Quizboy finds out the truth behind Conjectural Technologies latest investors.

Sym-Boinic Titan 1.07: Showdown at Sherman High

One of Modula's latest creatures attacks the trio at Sherman High. How can they fend off the beast without exposing their powers to the students?!

Sym-Bionic Titan 1.06: Shaman of Fear

It's a nightmare on Titan street.

Batman - The Brave And The Bold: 2.19 - The Criss Cross Conspiracy!


So YOU Finally Saw.. Zechs' Top 15 Favorite Horror Movies for Halloween

So you want to get into the Halloween spirit? Then step right here as Zechs shows you his top fifteen favorite movies to watch during Halloween.

Superman: Earth One Review

Can J. Michael Straczynski, Shane Davis, and DC Comics reinvent Superman?

Venture Brothers 4.14: Assisted Suicide

Something plagues Doctor Venture inside his mind, and only Doctor Orpheus can fix it.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 1.08: Some Assembly Required

The Avengers get a headquarters and all these wonderful new toys. Unfortunately, an old enemy of Thor's comes a knocking, using the Hulk against the team.