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Daytripper #8 Review

GLX reviews Daytripper #8.

Cleaning the Plate for 7/14/10 - Spoilers

This week our own Starlord covers sex, violence, Hope, and Superman. Which doesn't mean he hopes for violent sex with The Man of Steel.

Daring D on Inception: A Review

Daring D reviews Christopher Nolan's Inception. Does it live up to the hype?

Royal Reviews: Dr. Solar Man of the Atom #1

Dr. Solar is back, and Jim Shooter is back with him!  See what Royal Nonesuch has to say about it!

The Spinrack: Retro Reviews #12

Another trio of Peter David comics. What makes this edition worth checking out? A review of Young Justice #1.

Sweets #1 Review

The smartest man on The Outhouse Eli Katz reviews Sweets #1 from Image Comics!

The Coluan Archives: Adventure Comics #516

An origin issue from the future - but which future?

Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

Zechs takes a look behind the hood of Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010).

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1 Review

Can Ed Brubaker bring his Captain America magic to another book? Jude Terror finds out for you!

Review Group - Batman and Robin #13

Daringd had the pick for new comics shipping July 8th and he selected Batman and Robin #13 by Grant Morrison and Frazier Irving.

Uncity Nation by International Hyper Rhythmique Review

GLX reviews International Hyper Rhythmique's Uncity Nation.

Super Cleaning the Plates for 7/8/10 - Spoilers

In this installment Starlord does exactly what he said he would do. He reviews every book he has read, in order, right after he reads them.

Starlord will never do this again... maybe.

Royal Reviews: Scarlet #1

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev get post-modern on us, and Royal Nonesuch is here to talk all about it!

Royal Reviews: X-Women #1

An Italian master comes to American shores, and Royal Nonesuch has your review!