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Fourthman Reviews Muppet Snow White #1

This week saw the fourthpoll become the pig race, how fitting that a pig won!

Review Group: Prince of Power #1

Punchy had the pick for new comics shipping May 12th and he selected Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1 by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Reilly Brown.

Fourthman Reviews The Avengers #1

Yeah, it's this week's Review Group Pick, but it's too important not to give it the advance treatment... so is the new Avengers #1 worth picking up?

New Mutants 13 Review

Second Coming Keeps trucking, so Erik Galston lets us know all about New Mutants 13

New Avengers Finale Review

The end of an Era: Erik Galston takes a look at New Avengers Finale

Cleaning the Plate for 5/12/10 - Spoilers

This week Starlord gives you his thoughts on not only Siege but the many epilogues that followed. You just might be surprised... for the most part.

Sentry: Fallen Sun

Erik Galston reviews the epilogue to Marvel's Siege Event, Sentry: Fallen Sun!

On The Throne: Porcelain38 Reviews Sweet Tooth Vol. 1

Porcelain38 tells you why you need to, no MUST! buy Sweet Tooth!

Royal Reviews: Birds of Prey #1

Royal Nonesuch reviews the new BIRDS OF PREY #1, published by DC Comics!

DeadLord Weekly Reviews - 5/5/10 - Spoilers

The DeadLord reviews are here. A tad late thanks to the Starlord part of this duo, but here none the less. Enjoy!

Royal Reviews: Dark Avengers #16

Royal Nonesuch reviews the grand finale of Dark Avengers, from Marvel Comics!

On The Throne: Porcelain38 Reviews Justice League: Generation Lost #1

Porcelain38 reviews Justice League: Generation Lost #1! Prepare to meet Maxwell Lord 2.0

Review: The Night Owls Vol. 1

Jude Terror reviews the first collection of the twice-weekly Zuda webcomic, The Night Owls!

Double Shot Review: Siege #4

Jude Terror and Erik Galston look at the final issue of the super-mega-blockbuster-epic Marvel event, Siege!