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Thaniel - We're Totally Not Biased

Is it actually good? I've read through the first two issues.

Punchy's Comics Reviews for the 19th of March 2014

Niam 'Punchy' Suggitt reviews this week's comics, like Daredevil, American Vampire, All-New Invaders, Animal Man, Sex Criminals, Ms Marvel, Batman '66 and more.

Presenting Dark Horse Presents #34!

A fun one-shot, two stories start and two more end!

I Kissed Letter 44, and I'm Not Ashamed

3 reasons why Letter 44 f'n rocks.

Supernatural: "Blade Runners"

No Harrison Ford references = FAIL

Comics Reviews for the 12th of March 2014

This week's comics reviewed! Includes Fantastic Four, Batman, Secret Avengers, Invincible, Hawkeye, Superman/Wonder Woman and more besides.

Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 Review SPOILER -- He fights a robot!

Yeah, I went with the Liefeld variant cover. Deal with it.

Princess Leia Finds Her Prince! Star Wars #15!

You can take the boy out of the water-farming wasteland...

Keeping The Peace: Abe Sapien #11

To The Last Man wraps up as Gustav Strobl asserts his dominance.


It's the triumphant, cataclysmic return of Alex Milne!

Get Stoned & Fight Aliens - Saviors #3

Not for children, but for the simple-minded.

Punchy's Comics Reviews for the 5th of March 2014

Reviews of this week's comics, including Moon Knight, Jupiter's Legacy, Green Lantern, Velvet, Nova, She-Hulk, Action Comics and more.