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TMNT Turtles Forever (2009): The DVD Review

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, August 25 2010 and posted in Reviews

Zechs takes a look at the DVD release of the anniversary TMNT animated movie, TMNT Turtles Forever (2009).

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I'm not going to just copy and paste what I've said already about this movie, TMNT: Turtles Forever (instead just follow the link to it here). It's magical. It's a trip for any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan (well save for some die-hard 80s TMNT fans it seems who've panned it elsewhere). To that being a lover of the original Mirage comic, 80s and 2k3 toon I have to say. Dear God the nostalgic glasses are a bit thick aren't they?

To those who criticize on how the 80s Turtles are portrayed here, go rewatch the entire TMNT series. It was parody save for the last half of the series. The Foot Soldiers in that where a joke, the 80s Shredder was threatening to a point, but compared to the 2k3 version is nothing (this version actually committed GENOCIDE, besides world conquering, thought bigger, and it makes sense he would kinda want to do that kinda thing to be rid of his enemies FOREVER). Unlike 80s Shredder who only wanted to conquer the world (and did he or not complain near the end of Season 1).

Also if you want to get into the nitty gritty and utterly nerdish you can actually place where this happens in the 80s show (post Season 2 and pre-season 4). They even use a device from that era from the show. So how can you utterly defend the seriousness? Plus they treat both Splinters with utter respect. Not to mention the cheap shots are thrown both ways. Need I remind them of what happens to 2k3 Raph on the eve before the big climax? Yeah 2k3 gets knocked down a peg. So there, I just utterly crushed whatever complains you have of this film now. Let the hate pm and e-mails flood me! I welcome them!

This film itself is gold. Pure and utter love from Peter Laird (one of TMNT's co-creators) 4Kids, and everyone involved in this project to the fans. I love every aspect of this film save for but one thing. The very DVD it's released on. For months since it was announced and revealed of the details of what the specs on the DVD I've hoped that the new owners of TMNT, Nickelodeon would see the error of their ways and give this film it's due.

*face palm*

They didn't.

Oh dear God did Nick screw the utter pouch with this release. I could go on about the actual cover to this DVD (when numerous posters teasing and showcasing this movie where shown previously which are a hundred times more awesome then the bland box art we get here). But given how detailed and knocked down other reviews have said about this I'll skip to what really makes me mad.


I mean look at that? That's just one of the awesome pictures the people behind this film made. Instead of using those images they make a completely photoshopped one? Ugh. But this has been gone into more detail and talk so I'm just voicing my disapproval over it, onto the DVD itself.

First off let's just get to the actual version of the film. It's the television version, meaning it's only seventy-five minutes long. That's it. Why is that bad you ask? Because there's an added ten minutes cut that fits all the missing plot holes and problems that some would find with the film. You'd think Nick would just put those scenes as an extra, but nope their not on the disc at all. Unless they really hid this easter egg well, which I highly doubt. It boogles me why not just release the full uncut version? Isn't that sort of what releasing it on DVD does? I guess in Nick's case their just trying to get some profit before the eventual release of the uncut film or just push it away.

Then there's the format for the video in this, its in 1.78:1 full screen transfer of a wide screen movie. Why do this? I mean seriously? You transfer a widescreen movie into a full screen? UGH.... Thus the presentation of video can be a bit off at times. About the only good job they did was the audio on this. It rocks in utter surround sound.

But the true crime of humanity against this DVD is the extras. Again there's none. Zip. Nada. You think Nick could give this film the due it deserves, but it doesn't. No deleted scenes, no commentary, no documentary on the making of this film, or no profiles of the characters featured in this. Just utterly diddley and squat.


If this is the opening volley on how Nick is going to treat this property I fear for this property's future under the new owners. You'd think Nick would treat the fan-base of TMNT better then give us this lack luster DVD? Alas this just feels like a scrap of a bone they tossed to the open market. They utterly screwed the pooch with this. If you never had the chance to watch this movie go find the uncut version of the web. It's easy to find and more worthy a watch then this literal shell of a DVD thrown to us. If you're really desperate, don't buy this now unless renting. This release feels more like its worth a rental or worth five bucks if owning. Buying it over fourteen dollars feels overkill because you get absolutely nothing. Which ironically enough is my score for this DVD. Here's hoping Nick see's the error of their ways and releases this movie as it should be. Until that time, avoid this DVD like the plague.

0 out of 5


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