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Brightest Day Act 1 Review.

Written by Steven Harris on Sunday, August 29 2010 and posted in Reviews

Porcelain38 Reviews DC's Brightest Day!

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This past week DC released the 8th issue of Justice League: Generation Lost, thus bringing an end to the first act of DC's companywide Brightest Day storyline. Brightest Day has effected every corner of the DC, but has it been for the better or worse? Porcelain38 takes a look at Brightest Day and Justice League: Generation Lost and other various Brightest Day tie-ins.


Brightest Day

For those who don't know, Brightest Day spawned out of the ending of Blackest Night. At the end of DC's last Earth shattering mini-series twelve heroes and villains were resurrected from the dead with no clue as to why they have returned to the land of the living. All of their personal journeys started at the same place, the ambiguous White Lantern.

Since then each of the resurrected people have discovered their purpose in life now and given the reader a glimpse at future stories to come. Jon Jonzz , the Martian Manhunter, is supposed to burn the forrest down that has sprung up in the heart of Star City. Firestorm , who is currently infected by a Black Lantern virus, is to over come his disease and rid the universe of the Black Lanterns forever. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are supposed to become leaders of some bizarre alien world. Aquaman in addition to stop the oil spill is to adopt a new Aqualad. Boomerang is to kill Dove, and Hawk is to save Dove. Osiris is to save his sister Isis , while Jade is to help her brother and defeat Eclipso. Obviously some life missions are more entertaining then others.

The idea of Brightest Day is to reintroduce previous characters from DC's history and insert them into the present day. While DC is attempting to bring back these characters, it's obvious that some character's futures are more short sighted than other. Geoff John's favorites characters are obviously given more intention for a long term goal (i.e. Aquaman and Proffessor Zoom) while others aren't really meant to be anything other than filler and desperation (ie. Osiris).  Hopefully as Brightest Day marches on towards it's second act Johns can flesh out these secondly characters better.

The best parts of Brightest Day so far have been the Aquaman and Deadman parts. Johns has managed to take a joke of a character of Aquaman and make him into a serious badass. Deadman has been the main protagonists of Brightest Day and his adventures through the universe have been the best part of the series ( I dare anyone to say they were not surprised to see the Anti-Monitor show up). Unfortunately, Johns has dropped the ball on his Hawkman and Hawkgirl storyline. Years ago Johns reintroduced Hawkman and made sense of his confusing origin, but yet seems to be dragging out this "Hawkworld" storyline longer than it should be.

With the first act of Brightest Day finished, Johns has had mixed results with reintroducing previous characters. However Johns is knocking it out of the park with his personal favorite characters.

Justice League: Generation Lost

Hear this! Hear this! Judd Winnick is writing an amazing story! I know people hate on Winnick pretty badly here on this site, and it's sort of understandable but Justice League: Generation Lost is amazing. While Brightest Day has a system of rotating story-lines ( you never know what which storyline you're gonna get), JL:GL has a better week to week storyline.

Generation Lost started with Maxwell Lord erasing his entire existence from history and the former Justice League International being the only ones who remember his existence. Booster Gold still wishes to avenge his friend Ted  Kord, who got a bullet in the head courtesy of Maxwell Lord, so he recruits current Blue Beetle, Jamie Reyes, Fire, Ice, Captain Atom and a new Red Rocket to go after him. Along the way the rag tag team has come across battalions of Rocket Reds, future versions of themselves and   Checkmate.

In JL:GL's sister title, Brightest Day, it's been revealed that Maxwell Lord has a very important mission in life now. That mission? Kill the scourge of the DC universe known as Magog. While many fans are happy to hear that JL:GL is headed somewhere, even more fans are happy to hear that Magog maybe bitting the dust. How killing Magog is  bad thing, it yet to be seen.

As Keith GIffen and Judd Winick continue to traverse the DCU with their dysfunctional characters, they make Justice League: Generation Lost a book that most be read every week it comes out.

Other Brightest Day tie-ins!

Green Lantern- Geoff Johns is obviously having fun exploring how his various other color corps characters fit in on Earth. While exploring these characters Johns is moving things around in the background and setting up the next chapter of the Green Lantern mythos. Only compliant? It needs more Larfleeze!

The Flash- Johns is taking his sweet time with this future rogues arc, and it's starting to drag out a little bit. Captain Boomerang and his newly discovered black energy construct boomerangs have helped the character go from a joke to a serious threat.

Green Arrow- Ollie Queen has given up his life to roam the forrest of Star City. Interesting route to go with the character. Hopefully the book will focus more on the White Lantern's effect on the city.

Review by: Porcelain38

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