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Sym-Bionic Titan 1.02: Neighbors in Disguise

Written by Zechs on Thursday, September 30 2010 and posted in Reviews

Our three favorite alien visitors continue to adapt to Earth culture with Princess Ilanna wants to see more of it. That is if her guardian Lance has anything to say about it. Oh and the monster of the week is a giant robotic King Ghidorah homage.

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Kevin Thoms as Lance "Lunas"
Tara Strong as llanna "Lunas"
Brian Posehn as Octus/Newton
Don Leslie as General Modula
John DiMaggio as Various Characters
Tim Russ as Solomon


Lance, Ilanna, and Octus continue their hiding into Earth culture to avoid the forces of General Modula by getting a house. We get a new character introduced in the episode, and some background on Lance. Oh did I mention yet the homage to this week's monster reminded me of King Ghidorah?
So yeah last week I complained about characters needing some more depth to them and we sort of get that with this episode with it being a focus on Lance and a bit with everyone else save for Octus, who only gets a new form this episode (and honestly I really prefer the father Luna mode than his geeky Newton one). Here we get some info on Lance as well.
Again though the douses of character development feels like a tiny sprinkle though. I just keep hungering for more yet feel we're barely still scratching the surface with these characters. Damnit Genndy I want to know more about these three. Don't go all vague on us. Give us more character development with them!
Still, the glimpse of the once mighty kingdom of Galaluna and seeing that the armor form of Lance appears to be a form of elite honor guard (like we didn't know that already but still this episode seals that deal), and that we see more grunts soldiers below Lance's caliber in the now war torn world ruled by Modula. It just these little things that quench just a tiny bit my hunger for wanting more information.
Also I get my other wish with the introduction of the human housewife Barb in this episode. Barb fills the human totally oblivious to the antics of the new strangers. Though actually surprisingly to me was the adult humor and subtext she had throughout the episode. Dang and I thought the Birds of Prey episode from Batman: the Brave and the Bold was hinting on the adult themes here (what the heck am I talking about? Oh yeah stay tuned for a review of said episode in the future). Still, it's a welcome surprise which will be totally oblivious to the young folk, while the older folk such as myself and others can be the ones to giggle at it. So yeah I enjoyed Barb and can't wait to see what nutty happens next with her and Octus.
Another aspect that I'm starting to really enjoy about the show is the continuity. Usually shows of this caliber have the city already repaired from the massive monster damage done to it. Only for of course that yet another monster appears to do more damage. Surprisingly for the moment Sym-Bionic Titan has chosen to go with actual continuity. We see the damage from the previous episode still barely even repaired. Even more at the during the climactic fight with this monster instantly the Titan decides to take this fight elsewhere than continue on in the city. I'm very curious how long they'll keep this up.
For me the best part of the episode was the creature of the week which was an obvious Ghidorah homage mixed in with a little Cerberus. I mean they even did the falling out of the sky meteor homage that was Ghidorah's first appearance. What can I say? When you add the two things I love of giant monsters with them being multi headed robotic harbingers of destruction I cannot say anything bad about it.
The other being of course Solomon. I am really starting to love this bad guy in particular. The dude doesn't even appear for more than fifteen seconds in the episode and the character leaves such a memorable mark on you. Again, I don't know why he strikes me having so much more of a presence than Modula, even if the good General put in a much better showing here. I think it's just the look, voice, and the direction that sinc up so well. I'm really loving the close-up shots of him of him and the reflection of the people he's talking or watching on his glasses.
Even if he still doesn't do much for me in the visual department, General Modula gets to shine in his episode showcasing his brutality and actual distinction. The scene where he dispatches a group of would be assassins reminded me of something out of Gatchamen (aka War of the Planets) and a touch of General Grievous with the movement he displayed in taking them out. Plus his whole talk on why he's doing what he's doing than just not ignoring our heroes makes actual sense. Still, what doesn't to me is why the heck hasn't he sent more than just one monster? However, I'm guessing that eventually he'll do just that since he sent in something with thought and bite in this episode. No doubt he'll learn from his previous two choices and go multiple foes on our heroes soon.
So yeah the episode continues some things, but continues lacking in other departments. It's still nothing overtly perfect, but it's still a fun entertaining thirty minutes. I just wish the main characters would get some more damn characterization that isn't cookie cut thin (oh the irony of that description with this episode). Still, it's better than most stuff on the television and again given what Solomon has in his possession by episodes' end it's got me again for another episode to watch. Plus the villains in this are really starting to come onto their own.

3 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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