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Venture Brothers 4.11: Any Which Way But Zeus

Written by Zechs on Saturday, October 02 2010 and posted in Reviews

Someone is taking the greatest minds on the Earth. The crisis is so great, all the major groups in the series come together to pool their resources to find this threat. Oh, and Doctor Venture deals with the fact he isn't in on any of this.

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Yeah pretty much the synopsis above pretty much tells what the episode is. Save for the fact we have Billy Quizboy, Pete White, Henchman 21, Shoreleave, and other sub characters throughout the Venture universe joined in a contest by some dude who thinks he's Zeus. Or is he Zeus?
Not going to spoil that plot detail. Just that once more continuity is once more called upon to fully enjoy this episode in it's fullest. Those who haven't a clue about this show and watch this episode will probably scratch their heads at what's going and who's who. But those who've been on this show for a bit will understand most of it. However thankfully most of the continuity is from last season which builds upon Captain Sunshine (sadly no Kevin Conroy reprising his voice of the character).
Really, that's my great negative with this episode and that this series is starting to remind me of the animated equivalent of Farscape. Why the comparison? Because like the Venture Brothers, Farscape was one of the greatest science fiction show EVER when it aired. However, the greatest weakness of that show was that you had to know episodes before hand from several seasons ago or earlier in the season. If you missed an episode or few you be utterly lost at what's going on. Ever since the Phantom Limb episode last year, I've noticed that and again it's on full display here again.
Still, even with this flaw aside the episode was great. We get some numerous hilarious moments that made me erupt in laughter mainly from all the groups from the series together in a bunker above a golf course. We get some damn fine comedy from Toby Huss who reprises his role as General Treister, probably one of the most powerful people in the Venture Universe (though second to David Bowie). The stuff involving him was just classic from the way he code-names everyone in the room and other antics the character has. God is Huss a great voice actor. Oh and the moment with Brock vs. a disgruntled enemy in the group was freaking awesome. God I've missed watching Brock just work his violent magic.
We also get some added bonus adding to the latest subplot of the season with Phantom Limb creating his own league. I'm almost surprised we didn't get the Monarch in this, but since the Guild where involved I guess that answers why he wasn't here. (though why wasn't the assassin chicks present?) Plus more Professor Impossible (or whatever his new name is) was nice to see too. I can't wait to see where this subplot with Limb and his league goes.
Another great thing about this episode was Henchman 21 path down utter bad ass. We get several damn fine moments from in this episode. Then it all culminates with 21 figuring it all out. Goddamn can anyone believe this is the same character from season one who was an utter joke who now can be mentioned in the same bad ass category as Brock Samson? Oh the added Shoreleave part in the episode was win as well.
It's funny I haven't even mentioned the subplot of the episode with Sgt. Hatred and Hank (with some help of Dean) making Doctor Venture not feel left out by kidnapping him and modifying their voices with a Optimus Prime helmet, Hulk mask, and Teddy Ruxpin doll. The subplot was not as good as the others, but it was still damned hilarious. Doctor talking to Ruxpin doll had me in stitches. Though there was still some great reward with this particular one then the others with us getting a reason on why Doctor Venture is so damn harsh on Hank. The answer makes so much damned sense.
So yeah, this episode had a lot of good going for it. I want to give the episode a perfect five, but really this is so not a beginners episode. Aw hell I'm giving it a perfect five. There's so much reward in this episode for any casual Venture Brothers fan. Plus random violence and death on golfers is perfect in my book. Oh, and the epic fights where great too. Plus the actual answer to why Doctor Venture rags on Hank so much was so damn satisfying.

5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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