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Sym-Bionic Titan 1.3: Elephant Logic

Written by Zechs on Saturday, October 02 2010 and posted in Reviews

Lessons will be learned in this episode, just will some characters learn from their stubbornness? I highly doubt it.

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Kevin Thoms as Lance "Lunas"
Tara Strong as llanna "Lunas"
Brian Posehn as Octus/Newton
John DiMaggio as General Steel/Various
Tim Russ as Solomon


So we get our first sans General Modula episode which surprises and yet excites me. Given that this show has three villains, we get the focus instead on General Steel the bastard son if J. Jonah Jameson and Thunderbolt Ross ever mated, plus some interesting light put on the ever enigmatic Solomon as well. Plus Lance and Ilanna given their two cultural differences try to work together though with disastrous results.
Okay I admit this episode just might be the start of this show getting it's feet. We get some MAJOR characterization (does that please you misac?! HUH!?) on all three of our main heroes. Lance and Illana are at each others throats given one's a harden warrior thinking of attacking the solution, while the other is a princess and more interested in protection of those around her. So yeah the break between the two makes absolute sense. We even get how much one is more willingly prone to adapt further into Earth culture (Illana), while the other cares nothing and prepares for the next fight (Lance). With all these fights Octus steps up as the parental figure using kid shows to find his answers to help this huge problem.
I gotta say I'm really enjoying Octus the most out of the three. Ever since the previous episode, I'm enjoying his antics the most on adapting to Earth lifestyle. It just fascinates me more when an emotionless yet intelligent machine trying to human emotions. Also the whole kid show love he has, cracked me up very much.
So we get some more actual character moments with Illana who I just felt it was needed deseperately. Even more so her way of arguing with Lance via putting it on her history report on General Custer. As well of her being the more prone to action than her other two comrades. It makes more sense as to why she's leaping ahead than Lance would in the front lines since she wants to protect life.
Again I cannot again help but profess my increasing character-love for Solomon. Once more he has the best parts of the show. Honestly, for such a "villainous" character we get some heroic antics out of him this episode. He's the voice of reason compared to Steel who's only answer to stuff is either, "BLAST IT!" or "BLAST IT! Then we'll ask questions later." It's sort of refreshing to not really know what just is going on in Solomon's head. Sure he gets to rub how badly Steel screwed the pouch in this episode, and yet there's a part in this episode of his reaction to the Titan. It just strikes me odd and makes me wonder.
Though Steel's one dimensional persona might seem somewhat tiring, yet the way he explains why he wants things done fast to the doctor working on his little project. Plus given the fact Solomon isn't sharing any information he knows makes somewhat sense as to Steel's rushing attitude. Of course this is so going to blow up in his face and I wonder just what repercussions will erupt when we get to that point.
Then there's the monster of the week which happens to be giant cloud from hell. I shouldn't be surprised yet am at the level of variety Genndy is giving to the various foes Titan is fighting. Not to mention the variety of ways how the fights are ending. Usually in these type of giant robot shows we usually just have the final attack be the end. Here, we get yet another different way the Titan defeats the monster. I kinda am liking the originality in that this show homages this genre yet is doing it's own twist with it.
As for not using the main villain at all in this (instead I think this is part of the rock chunks from the monster in episode one) was a nice surprise. Sure it looks like we're back to that usual format, but it's good to know this show won't always rely on General Modula and hand it off to the Earth villains as well thus giving more air to make them all the more threatening.
So yeah I'm beginning to see this series is starting to win me over now. Not just with the villains, but now with almost all the characters. It seems the final pieces are falling into place. Maybe a kick ass memorable episode will be happening soon. Until then, well this has been the best episode of the series so far. Still, the fact that they're carrying the awesomeness that has been Solomon who has appeared in every episode so far and clearly every move he makes is so damn captivating it just makes you wonder what his end game will be on this show. So with that in mind and the other character highlights of this episode.

4 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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