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Venture Brothers 4.13: Bright Lights, Dean City

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, October 12 2010 and posted in Reviews

On the flip side of the previous episode, we see what Dean's up to, being an intern for Professor Impossible. Also Dr. Venture tries pursuing a Broadway career. Meanwhile, Phantom Limb kicks his plans further up a notch.

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So we saw what Hank did during the summer with his little detective story, now we get Dean's turn and his internship with Professor Impossible who's very much still in league with Phantom Limb and Baron Ünderbheit with their new Revenge Society. Oh and Doctor Venture pesters Dean throughout the months there trying to pursue a new career, writing a Broadway play.
I have to admit this episode disappointed me after the previous chapter which marked a major turning point for Hank (not to mention the whole black and white noir setting throughout the episode). Honestly, that's my first strike against this episode that there wasn't some contrast to the previous episode in that there was some homage-like thing going on (well okay save for the opening with Dean's report on what happened for the first couple of weeks as intern).
Personally, that was my favorite part on Dean's half at least was seeing things through Dean's eyes and how oblivious he is to Impossible now a super-villain and in a financial ruin. Not to mention him more conflicted with being forced into this path by his father when clearly we see what he truly hungers for (being a reporter). If the episode gone down that path this would have been a much better episode. Instead this just felt like an almost pointless episode on Dean's end since we didn't learn much of his lessons save for being annoyed by his pop and events which he alludes to transpiring behind the scenes (the greatest crime of all).
Again I felt the whole Doctor Venture subplot was pointless and even though the song somewhat amusing he came up with, I kinda was hoping more stuff with Dean. But instead it felt like the good Doctor hijacked his son's episode the moment he came on. Also about the shocking end to last week. How can anyone not be surprised the the twist was followed with an amusing end.
Now with all my knocking down of the episode there where some positives with it. I'll start with the Revenge Society subplot which gets much further than I thought it would. Phantom Limb gathers two new allies to his cause in the episode (oh go just watch the episode to find out who they are). Though the best part was how he got the new members via the interviews of the super-villains of New York.
Though I have to admit the real best part of the episode so was utterly random and had no meaning yet was so damn hilarious. Of course I'm talking about Knife Bear. I mean just look a this dude. It's as if Michael Myers escaped and instead stole a Bear outfit. The reactions of the three head members of the Revenge Society made the scene even hilarious. I was just busting a gut the moment they noticed he had a bloody knife. But again the scene was so damn random we never get anymore explanation of who this dude was and how the hell the Society got him out. I just wish the joke got continued and we saw what happened afterward. But oh well.
Also if only Stephen Colbert had reprised his role as Professor Impossible the part above would had been more epic, still Bill Hader has done a great job and honestly the role is his now. The whole revelation of how the building's power is being run was a nice surprise and answers a lingering question I always had. Plus come on the whole trickery he was doing in the episode hiding the fact of his true nature from Dean was amusing.
I had such high hopes for this episode after the spectacular Hank episode, which is funny since I wasn't expecting much out of it and instead that was grand. Here I expected the same, and got the reverse again a meh ride. The episode did have it's moments, but I just wasn't drawn to it more and comparing the two Hank got so much the better of the deal thank Dean did. Well I guess I'll always have the episode of Dean early on in season four, plus the moment he had with Triana, and oh the Orb episode too. Damn did Dean get a ton of episodes focused on him this season.

3 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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